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Immortal Day Species Wallpapers

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Immortal Day has some fascinating species, from Vampire and Lycan, to Hunter, Hybrid, and Hybrid Zombie. Representing these incredible Immortals, we have what we feel is pretty high quality character pieces which we have made into wallpapers for you to use. Feel free to use these high resolution graphics on your laptop, computer, etc. You can share them with friends, family, and across the Internet. But please, do not remove the Immortal Day Logo or Domain information from these as they were created to represent our wonderful game and intended to help spread the word about Immortal Day.


Vampire 1024x768 Version
Vampire 1280x800 Version
Vampire 1366x768 Version
Vampire 1600x900 Version
Vampire 1920x1080 Version


Lycan 1024x768 Version
Lycan 1280x800 Version
Lycan 1366x768 Version
Lycan 1600x900 Version
Lycan 1920x1080 Version


Hunter 1024x768 Version
Hunter 1280x800 Version
Hunter 1366x768 Version
Hunter 1600x900 Version
Hunter 1920x1080 Version


Hybrid 1024x768 Version
Hybrid 1280x800 Version
Hybrid 1366x768 Version
Hybrid 1600x900 Version
Hybrid 1920x1080 Version


Hybrid Zombie 1024x768 Version
Hybrid Zombie 1280x800 Version
Hybrid Zombie 1366x768 Version
Hybrid Zombie 1600x900 Version
Hybrid Zombie 1920x1080 Version

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