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How To Find A Real Vampire

Real vampires have conformed to living with humans since the dawn of time. Early in our history we were misunderstood and hunted, so we learned to keep quiet about ourselves and blend in with society. We are now masters at remaining unseen.

We easily go about undetected, therefore finding vampires will be no easy task.

If you want to find a vampire, first ask yourself what your motive is. I don't have a problem sharing these tips because most people don't believe in our existence – it is unlikely that you will get a group together large enough to take one of us on. If your motive is to learn more about us so we can live together peacefully, read on. But if your motive is to harm us, you are now being forewarned – it will not end well for you.

Knowing where to find us is easier if you know a little about us. We don't run from sunlight, we just don't like being out in it too long. We are emotionally driven and seductive personality types, and will cluster to venues that feed our nature. Remember though, even if you get close to finding a vampire, you won't know someone is a legit vamp unless he/she wants you to know. But approaching a vampire is an entirely new article. Fyou close enough to finding locations where we congregate and maybe then you can chance a 'hot or not' guess.

1. Colder regions with less sunlight and more cloud cover/longer winters.

The twilight saga had a few things right. A place like Washington state is a good location to begin your search. We don't react to extreme changes in temperature, therefore don't get cold easily, so winters don't bother us. Where Twilight got us wrong is about our skin shimmering in the sun. We prefer to stay out of direct sunlight because our bodies produce very little melanin and our skin burns easily. Sorry to disappoint but the Rihanna lyrics “shine bright like a diamond” do not pertain to us. Areas we prefer include Russia, Scandinavian countries, Canada, and northern USA. We sometimes venture towards warmer climates, but we will be sure to stay close to the fables and only come out when the sun goes down.

2. Dark venues where seduction is rampant and detection negligible.

Night clubs/lounges, raves and concerts are great places to find us. We love music and feel most confident when surrounded by people and as the topic of admiration. These locations are great for drinks, flirting, and hypnotizing a sweet parcel in allowing us a taste of their nectar (did I mention that we are also poets?). After finding a city to search, next look for the most popular night life around. I guarantee you will find some mysterious fair skinned people at the swankiest locations. And then – who knows?

3. In positions of power

These may be the most difficult individuals to get close to. Vampires sometimes go into politics to ensure that our secret remains in tact. It also offers us an outlet for playing mind games and toying a little with humans. Remember that coercive personality trait I mentioned? It makes us hypnotizing and we can easily get what we want. I'm sorry, I know it's not fair but it's too easy and we can't resist having a little fun.

4. Art galleries

Artwork is a great way to let off steam and express emotions, and we are a highly emotional species. Look for art galleries that gear more towards abstract and fantasy pieces. If you want to guess at which pieces belong to one of us, I will give you a hint. We don't care much for yellows, greens, or orange. Bright pieces of artwork are HIGHLY unlikely to belong to a vampire. Look for work that has a dark note to it – reds, blacks, purple, and dark blue are our colors.

Remember to attend shows that are in the evenings.

5. Hospitals and blood banks

Only a few vampires can resist the temptations that comes from these locations, but those who master themselves make excellent doctors, nurses, and technicians. We have photogenic memories and great attention to detail. But please, if you think that a doctor is a vampire, don't approach him/her during work. Remember that you are still approaching a busy doctor who has people to save.

6. Look for solitary, self-employed, bachelor/bachelorettes.

We are not usually emo, but few vampires do feel misunderstood and prefer to be alone. The neighbour who rarely comes out of the house, even works from home, and has few visitors may not be a vampire – but then again, they may be one too. Also watch out for the perpetual bachelor who is seen with different dates all the time – female dates of a vampire will almost always be seen wearing decorative scarves. Lucky that scarves are in right now.. These are a few locations and tips for finding vampires. There are many more, but you can continue to learn those on your own. While I want to increase awareness of our existence, I am not a fool and will not tell you all of our secrets at once. The point of sharing our existence with you is for humans to come to grips with the fact that we are real, but I want that to happen at a natural pace.

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