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Underworld - Movie Series by Len Wiseman, staring Kate Beckinsale

There are currently four movies in the Underworld series and a fifth is completed and scheduled for release in 2015. They are linked together by the vampiress, Selene and the Corvin aka Corvinus family who have inherited a lycan (werewolf) strain in their DNA.

Underworld (2003)

There are 3 storylines interwoven in throughout the series.

First storylines: For about 600-years, there has been a war ongoing between the Vampires and the Lycan clans. The Vampires want to exterminate all remaining Lycans. Lycans want to find a way to combine the two bloodlines to create a Hybrid that would be more powerful.

Second storylines: Selene is trying to find out why the Lycans are so interested in the human, Michael Corvin, falls in love with him and learns that he carries the original virus strain that made some of his relatives Vampires and others Lycans.

Third Storyline: A scientist named Singe is interested in the virus Hybrid phenomena and is trying to locate the exact link on the DNA chain that was infected all to find a way to create a hybrid combination of vampire and werewolf making the new creature more powerful than either of the clans.

Predominant Characters:
  • Selene – The vampiress and member of the Death Dealers who is out for revenge for her family’s death
  • Michael Corvin– The son of the Corvinus line that carries the original Hybrid virus
  • Kraven – Current Vampire elder in charge of the clan and conspirator with the enemy, Lucian, to claim that Lucian is dead in order to get the original hybrid virus
  • Lucian – Lycan elder that supposedly killed Selene’s family and was destroyed by Kraven
  • Viktor – Another Vampire elder who is the true perpetrator of the deaths of Selene’s entire family when she was a child
  • Singe – the scientist trying to find the key and make a copy of the hybrid virus

Underworld – Evolution (2005)

The war between the vampires and the lycans continues and now the elders of the Corvinus family become involved. Selene and Michael are being hunted by Marcus who is determined to free William from the prison he was sent to that was built by Selene’s father.

Predominant Characters:
  • Selene – The vampiress who hides Michael from Marcus and tries to save him
  • Michael Corvin – The son of the Corvinus line that carries the original Hybrid virus
  • Lorenz Macaro – An elderly man who it turns out is actually the ancestor of Michael, Alexander Corvinus
  • Marcus – The elder Corvinus of the Vampire clan
  • William Corvinus – Marcus’ brother and the elder of the Lycan clan

Underworld – Rise of the Lycans (2009)

In the first two episodes, the Vampires are scheming to kill off the Lycans. In this third part of the series, the Lycans fight back and try to annihilate the vampires before they can do the same to them. The reason for the war, however, has altered a bit. Lucian, the lycan elder and the first of the Corvinus line to carry the mutated virus allowing him to return to human form, has always aimed to see a blending of the vampire and werewolf lines. This is now the primary focus of the entire Lycan clan and purpose of the war.

Predominant Characters:
  • Selene – The vampiress and Michaels love
  • Michael Corvin – The human who is the key to breeding the Hybrid clan
  • Lucian – The first Lycan of the Corvinus family and lover of the Vampire elder’s daughter
  • Sonja – The Vampire elder’s daughter who is carrying the lycan child of Lucian

Underworld – Awakening (2012)

The humans have awoken to the fact that Vampires are real and the Lycans are all around them and declare a vicious war of extinction. As a result, Selene rejoins the Death Dealers and becomes a warrior in the human-immortal war.

While Selene was imprisoned, she gave birth to a hybrid daughter and both mother and daughter are able to see what the other is looking at. This is one of the ways that the mother and daughter find each other and find Michael, the father.

New Characters Added:
  • Eve – Daughter of Michael and Selene and the first Hybrid born
  • Detective Sebastian – Who was married to a vampire

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