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Vampire Myths and Facts

It is no surprise that people have the wrong ideas about vampires. The information out there is often contradictory and misleading. Think about how many popular books and movies have been created on this topic? A few that you should be acquainted with include Bram Stokers 'Dracula' and Anne Rice's 'The Vampire Chronicles' which includes the Brad Pitt hit 'Interview with a vampire'.

Can I just branch off and add that Brad Pitt made an excellent vampire and I am disappointed that he hasn't decided to convert. Oh well...we still have hope for him.

A few more recent adaptations include Stephanie Meyers 'Twilight Saga' and the popular TV hits 'The Vampire Diaries' and it's spin off 'The Originals'.

The plethora of books and movies have at times gotten close to figuring us out, but humans insist on keeping us on shelves where fictional monsters dwell, which prevents rational thought and grounded credibility for our race..

We appreciate the attention that humans give us and are even a bit flattered that people are so enamored with us they go through such lengths to define us. Still though, there are a few myths that have really missed the mark that we want to clear up.

Below is a list of myths and facts that will help expand your vampire knowledge base. If you ever decide to approach a vampire, drop some of these tips – I guarantee that they will help you to impress even the crankiest of our species and let them know your interest is genuine.

Myth: Vampires twinkle in the sunlight.
Myth: Vampires burn and turn into ash in the sunlight.

Fact: Vampires can walk out in the day time and in sunlight, however we are sensitive to UV light exposure.

We only produce enough melanin to prevent us from being albino. Just as humans, our look can be representative from the area of the world we live in. Therefore, some of us are blonde hair and blue eyed, some of us are black hair and brown eyed, and others are mixtures in between. The only physical attribute that keeps us connected is fair skin tone, even vampires from darker skinned races are pale in comparison. Some vampires begun to use sunless tanning methods to look more human and avoid suspicion. Our limited melanin production prevents us from natural sun-kissed skin and we turn lobster red within 10 to 20 minutes in direct sunlight. Give us closer to an hour in a place like Florida and the blisters that erupt are nasty and painful…it’s a far cry from twinkling in the sun.

Myth: Vampires are immortal
Myth: Vampires can be killed with wood stakes and are repelled by garlic.

Fact: Some vampires live indefinitely, but we are not immortal – we can be killed or get sick and die. And killing us is not as simple as a stake to the heart – that's an extremely insulting idea.

The life span for the average vampire is between 400-500 years, though many can and do live considerably longer. Few viruses penetrate our otherwise impeccable immune systems. We cannot be killed with a wooden stake through the heart. The only way to kill a vampire is slicing off limb from limb and burning each piece. Unless you obtain access to one of the rare viruses that will harm us – but I won’t even broach those topics; vampire viruses make the worst human illness look like a common cold. Not to mention enough garlic would repel anyone and we do not like it in quantity as it can assault our heightened senses; however if it is used appropriately in food dishes we are not inherently opposed to it.

Myth: Vampires are evil monsters who have fun attacking humans
Myth: Vampires can be ‘burned’ with Holy water

Fact: Vampires are not evil as a race. We are pranksters who like to play with humans' minds. We are not monsters and never kill humans for fun.

For creatures who require blood to remain alive, we are actually pacifists. We would rather avoid fighting or war as it draws too much attention and prefer to live in peace with humans. Some vampires abhor violence so much that they abstain from feeding on human blood altogether. These “vegetarian” vampires rather feed on animals than humans. I find this a bit crazy since it is not as nourishing and nothing tastes quite like human blood. Sorry.

Myth: If a vampire bites you, they must kill you. A vampire who stops drinking a humans blood midway has turned the human into a vampire.

Fact: A human can turn into a vampire by feeding on vampire blood.

The only way for a human to turn into a vampire is by drinking vampire blood. Point blank. Vampires really only turn humans with whom they have a deep connection or they fall in love with. We don't care to create armies for ourselves, or just turn random humans willy-nilly.

Myth: Vampires cannot reproduce.

Fact: Yes, we can. And we thoroughly enjoy the act.

How do you think we keep our lineage going? We are a race just like any other and part of perpetuating our race is through procreation. Vampire children grow faster than human children until their teenage years, when they hit maturity. Then their growing process slows to about half of a human. As babies, we feed them from bottles, just as you feed your infants. Of course our formula consists mostly of blood, but we rear our children with affection and diligence. After all we have a lot of proper conduct to teach. But in most respects regarding parenting we really are not that different!

Myth: Vampires sleep in caskets
Myth: We sleep hanging upside from our feet.
Myth: Vampires don't sleep at all.

Fact: We love to sleep.

And we indulge on the best beds! I personally love my queen sized with a temper-pedic mattress and 600 count Egyptian cotton sheets, thank you very much.

Myth: Vampires turn into bats.

Fact: We do not turn into other animals.

That would be a super cool ability though and we wish we could! We do like to have bats as pets though, they are extremely cute.

Myth: Vampires can fly

Fact: No, we cannot fly, but we can jump rather high and are fairly acrobatic.

Again, flying is an amazing ability that sadly we do not possess. I think this myth comes from our ability to scale a 10 foot wall with ease and jump horizontally further than the worlds best human long-jumper. We can actually jump about three times further than any human. Which I suppose is still pretty cool. We are also very fast runners, which can make it seem as though we are not even touching the ground.

Myth: Vampires cannot see their reflection in mirrors or show up in photographs

Fact: Vampires are real living corporeal beings.

We are not undead or ghosts. Of course we can see ourselves in mirrors and photographs. It’s a good thing too because many of us are quite vain and enjoy being photographed immensely.

Myth: Human food and drinks are unappealing, or even lethal, to vampires.

Fact: We appreciate human food for what it is and we love certain drinks, especially alcoholic ones. Not only can we eat food, we often enjoy it.

Our favourite human food is anything with a rich flavor, like chocolate, or dark meat cooked rare. As for drinks we take liberties in creating our own twists to certain classics. My favourite is a red wine ruby spritzer – half red wine and half human blood. It's absolutely exquisite. Blood mixed in with any food makes it more enjoyable for us, but even without it we can dine out quite nicely just as any human would.

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