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Welcome to the Immortal Day Tutorial, we hope that this guide will help you to better understand the game.

In Immortal Day, we encourage you to find the game path that fits you best. You can be ruthless or compassionate. You can be generous or tight fisted. You can be respected, feared, and revered. You can fly solo or become part of a house and become the most formidable group of players in the world. You can declare war on an enemy, a friend, or an innocent bystander; the choice is yours. You're here because you mean business and wanna have good time becoming a Force in the game.

Tutorial Sections

[General] [Game Template] [Explore Area] [Advancing] [Houses] [Account Upgrades] [Preferences]


The Explore page is the heart of the game and is accessed via a link in the top header menu.

1. Commerce Center
Purchases and trades most often happen in this section of Explore.
Shops:The game shops are located here. Weapons, Armor, Mining, Medical and Freedom supplies and more can be found in the Shops.
Immortal Businesses:These Businesses are owned by other Immortals. Their stock all varies and they can only sell for cash. Money earned from Immortal Businesses goes into the sellers City Bank account.
Item Market:Immortals can buy and sell their wares on this market for cash. Money earned from the Item Market goes to the sellers cash on hand.
Gold Market:Immortals can buy and sell their wares on this market for Gold. Gold earned from the Item Market goes to the sellers Personal Gold on hand.
Soul Market:Immortals can buy and sell Souls on this market for cash. Money earned from the Soul Market goes to the sellers cash on hand.
Repair Center:If you have broken items you can get them repaired here. There are costs associated with repairing each item.
Trade Center:Secure private Trades between Immortals are carried out here. Each party must accept the trade before it is complete.
Travel Center:Once you use a Flying Potion you come here to choose where in the Immortal Day world you would like to go.

2. Money Manager
This section is vital to hold and leverage your finances.
Lair Agent:Your Lair is directly related to your training effectiveness. This is where you can rent one based on your level.
Stock Market:Buy and sell shares of companies that have gone public in the Immortal world.
Gold Bank:Stores your Gold for you.
City Bank:Stores your Money for safe keeping. You can earn 1% interest on your funds daily. If you have a Bank investment Card you earn 3% interest on your funds daily.
Gold Exchange:Here you may use your Gold to increase your IQ, hire HellHound protection, refill your Energy and more.
Mining:Mining diligently earns you gems, gold and silver needed to advance in the Immortal world.
Smelting:Smelting converts the gold and silver fragments gotten through mining into coins and bullets for you to use.
Assignments:These are targets in your range that you can carry out for a cash bonus. They reset every 4 hours.
Tarot:Get your cards read by Madam Margaret and receive free items daily to help with your game play. Those with Donator Days receive an extra 10 readings per day.
Prowling:The standard number is 50 per day. Those with Donator Days have 75 per day. Prowls can give you items, currency, stats, recovery and capture time, and opportunities to gain experience.

3. The Shadows
Highlights the warring aspect of Immortal Day
Houses:Houses on Immortal Day are groups of players who stand together under a banner for a common purpose. You can find a list of them here or start your own.
House Wars:Shows which Houses are currently warring.
House Recruiting:Houses can pay a fee to place a recruitment ad for their members here.
Contract Center:If you are having issues with another player you may take a contract out on them for a sum of money. This allows other players to attack them and if they are successful collect the fee.
City Grid:Used for gaining Soul Karma points and Feeding, this is a very important feature. It requires Endurance to use.
Soul Collector:Here you can extract Souls using the Torture Chamber, sell Souls on the Market, exchange Souls for Venoms and more!
Minions Army:You need to be level 36 to use this feature. You can leverage your Minions Army to pillage villages and get tributes.
Pit of Despair:Those who cannot follow these rules find themselves in the Pit of Despair.

4. Statistics & Assistance
Lots of information about Immortal Day is detailed here.
User List:A list of all active accounts on Immortal Day.
Users in your Town:A list of all the accounts in the same city as you.
Users Online:A list of all the users active within an hour.
Hall of Fame:Many categories and filters to detail the to 30 Immortals in each section.
Achievement Awards:A list of Achievement goals an Immortal can reach and get awards for.
Award Exchange:This is where you exchange your awards for certain donator items.
Collectibles List:A comprehensive list of all the special collectible items in Immortal Day and when they were released.
Union News Updates:Information on updates to the Immortal Day industries and how they will affect the community is found here.
Direct Help:A place to ask specific questions, but not a conversational system. Be clear and consise with each question. Strategy and nonsense questions will not be answered.
Game Stats:Some statistics on accounts, currency and properties for the entire game are listed here.
Immortal Day Staff:A list of the game staff broken down by section. Remember all of the staff are volunteer players except the Admin.

5. Odds and Ends
Miscellaneous things that don't fit into other categories are found here.
The Underbelly:The Underbelly is full of Non Playing Characters (NPCs) that you can challenge to a fight based on level. These NPCs give you a reward for being able to beat them.
Training Ground:You can train Strength, Accuracy, Speed, Defense and Labour on the Training Grounds. Blood of the Ancients can be used to increase the effectiveness of each training session four times! They are 1 session per use items.
Ancient Offerings:Before you are able to advance to the next Rank offerings of gems to the Ancients are required. Here you can see what is required of you and it is also the place to make your offering.
Familiars:Familiars can be an Immortals best friend, they can break Hellhound protection and spy on other Immortals Stats and Inventory. To get one, you must be a level 26. The Soul Collector will give you a quest to go on before you can get a Familiar, they also require souls to create and upkeep.
Marriage/Divorce Center:Send/accept proposals to marry other Immortals. If you are currently married this turns into the Divorce Center.
Moon and Sun Phases:Each Species has a different Moon Phase and Sun Position, Natural Ability Modifier for Training one stat and two categories of Mischief they are best at. The explanations of those are found here.
Admin Blog:Blog style updates from the Admin twice a month that let you know what's on their minds.
Greeting Card Shop:Send a greeting card to your fellow Immortals. Card templates for all occassions are available or make one of your own. Greeting Card Credits are required to send a card.
Poll Center:From time to time Admin put up polls to get a community vote. Cast your vote on those polls here.

6. Casino Gaming
These games require Gaming Tokens to play.
Casino Cashier:Buy and Sell your Gaming tokens here.
Slots Machine:Place your wager, match the symbols and win!
Blackjack:Place your wager and get 21 before the dealer!
High/Low Game:The host lays down a card and then you select either high or low depending on if you think the next card is higher or lower then that card.
Simple Roulette:Place your wager and pick your numbers!
Video Poker:Place your wager and hold, discard and draw your way to a winning hand!
Craps:Place your wager and throw the dice, but don't get snake eyes or crap out!

7. Other Games
These games do not require Gaming Tokens to play.
The Lottery:Buy a ticket to win the cumulative jackpot!
Russian Roulette:Challenge another Immortal to this 6 shot max game of iron will. A special gun is required for this game.
RR Tournament:Staff run, each tournament can involve a different number of players and entrance fee. A special gun is required for this game.
Battle Royale:Staff run, each tournament can involve a different number of players and entrance fee. All that is required is you taking your turn.
Raffle Center:On occasion a raffle for items will be held. Tickets have a cost and there are a maximum number of tickets you can purchase. At the end of the raffle names will be drawn for the winners.
Carnival:The Carnival encompases many games that you can play for prizes. It is also the place to recruit Minions for your Minions Army.

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