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Welcome to the Immortal Day Tutorial, we hope that this guide will help you to better understand the game.

In Immortal Day, we encourage you to find the game path that fits you best. You can be ruthless or compassionate. You can be generous or tight fisted. You can be respected, feared, and revered. You can fly solo or become part of a house and become the most formidable group of players in the world. You can declare war on an enemy, a friend, or an innocent bystander; the choice is yours. You're here because you mean business and wanna have good time becoming a Force in the game.

Tutorial Sections

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1. Leveling To do any advancing you first need to gain Experience.
When you reach 100% Exp (Experience) your level will increase by 1.
You can gain Experience by Attacking and Leaving, doing acts of Mischief and Capture busting.
At certain levels where there is a Rank change, you will need to meet certain requirements in order to reach the next level.
For information on your Ranks see the Ranking section of this tutorial.
2. Attacking Attacking other Immortals is the primary way to get experience on Immortal Day.
If you win a battle and choose "Leave" as your finishing move you gain a percentage of experience depending on the comparative strength of your enemy.
In order to attack you need 33% Energy and an equipped weapon.
When you start a fight, you have the option of using any weapon that you currently have equipped.
Guns will require bullets and you need to have them in your Inventory for use when in battle.
Weapons other than guns and armor may break during battle, so you always want more than one thing equipped.
When your gear breaks, it will be unequipped and the broken item will be returned to your Inventory.
Broken items can be repaired in the Repair Shop on the Explore page for a portion of their original value.
If you win a battle, you can choose to MUG your opponent for money, LEAVE them for experience or PUMMEL them for revenge or wars.
If you lose the battle, you will loose a percentage of your experience. Clicking another link on the page to try and get out of a battle will result in massive experience loss.
If you wish to "Sacrifice" yourself so that you lose experience on purpose there is a Sacrifice link on the Right side menu. It will still cost you 33% Energy to do so.
3. Training Ground The Training Ground is used to train most of your stats.
You need to set a Default Gym based on your level and assign some Training Funds. Gyms have a cost per use and you need funds available to be able to train.
Blood of the Ancients can be used to increase the effectiveness of each training session four times! They are 1 session per use items.
You can train Strength, Accuracy, Speed, Defense and Labour on the Training Grounds.
Links for the Training Ground can be found on the Top Menu Bar, the Left Side Bar and the Explore page under the Odds and Ends heading.
Training your stats is crucial to advancing in the game.
4. Ranking Ranks are milestone levels that Immortals can reach as they progress.
Everyones starting Rank is Newborn.

Each Rank has a set of requirements your account needs to meet before you can progress.
Level requirement:You have to reach a certain level before you can move up to the next rank.
Stat requirement:You have to have a certain number of total CORE stats. Core stats are Strength, Accuracy, Speed and Defense.
Gem Requirement:You have to offer a certain amount of gems in their correct size to the Ancients.

There are small, medium and large gems of varying types that need to be donated to the Ancients on the Explore page.
   Ancient Offerings are on the Explore page under the Odds and Ends heading.

The next Rank following Newborn is Brat. To get to the Brat ranking you will need:
To Level to 6
Have 2,000 total CORE stats.
Offer the Ancients 5 Small Gems.

There are 13 total Ranks in Immortal Day. They are:
  • Newborn
  • Brat
  • Novice
  • Apprentice
  • Advanced
  • Master
  • Lord
  • Noble
  • Royal
  • Elder
  • Illustrious
  • Honorable
  • Ancient

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