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February 14 2024 12:01:26 am

Valentines Day 2024

Happy Valentines Day Immortals. Just a few things to note for you today.

1) Nikitas Nook is now open and the Valentines Day DP is still available for sale.
2) Full Hearts War: Two Teams, randomly selected by the game. You start with an Empty Heart and Mine or Walk the City Grid to find Love Capsules. You have to use 3 Love Capsules on members of an opposing team to get a Full Heart. Once you have a Full Heart it is credited to your team! A Full Heart does not only get your team a point, it also will give you an Endurance boost to keep going spreading the love along with a piece of Gold or Platinum! So get those Full Hearts for you and your team because the team with the most Full Hearts wins! Keep an eye on that hall of fame.
3) All players should keep an eye out in the mines for Cupids Arrows. These are non-collectible special event items. The 30 Top Immortals who find the most Cupids arrows today will receive prizes.

Have a loving day!

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December 24 2023 11:59:56 pm

Christmas Day

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas. If you wanted to learn more about todays special events, you have come to the right place. First, we have the Snowman Challenge. If you think you can build the biggest snowman in the game, seek out more information with the link found on the Explore page. Also on the Explore page, you will find a link to this years Tree Trimming Contest. Who will win this year? Rudolph, Santa, or Bumble?? For this contest you Bust people out of jail, Heal people out of recovery or BE NICE to people after a fight for the trimmings and then choose which tree to decorate with your spoils. Of course, prizes will be awarded to the best Tree Trimmers. Lastly, the Christmas Hedge Maze is now open. The Hedge Maze is a traditional labyrinth where Immortals can enter in search of 14 Christmas Trees. Can you find them all? As with the other events, look for information via the Explore page. I hope everyone here, as well as your families, have a wonderful Christmas day. Nikita

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December 23 2023 11:59:56 pm

Christmas Eve

Hello Immortals. For those of you who many not be around for Christmas tomorrow, we have a special Christmas Eve event. It is time to catch the Grinches! Throughout the game today you will see little Grinches pop up trying to steal Immortal Holiday Cheer! No one wants that so be sure to grab the little buggers whenever you see them by clicking on their images. Once you catch them you can ransom them back to Santa for Exploding Candy Canes! Top Grinch Catchers will win prizes but be careful those Grinches are slippery!

Special Note: I almost pulled this event, feeling I had too much planned which would lead to excessive prizes. I decided to run all the planned events, but if you are the hyper competitive type, know this. Players who are highly ranked in multiple Christmas events may have their event prizes leveled out a bit. If I think a player or players combined prizes from multiple events is too much, I leave myself the option to make what I deem fair adjustments.

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December 23 2023 1:29:43 pm

Christmas Stuff

Are you the type of Immortal who loves quests and/or loves questing? You might be interested in visiting the North Pole to find one-of-a-kind collectibles at Nikitas Nook. To get there, you will need to complete a quest. You can get started via the link on the Explore page. The Nook will be open in the North Pole through Christmas. N

P.S. Merry Christmas To Me DPs have been for sale for a couple days now and will remain up for Christmas.

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November 17 2023 9:55:43 am

Thanksgiving Football Pool

Looking for some action this coming Thanksgiving? I have opened up a Football Pool for the games. This is a betting event, but it is different from the traditional Immortal Sportsbook. Check it out! Nikita

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October 31 2023 12:01:19 am

Halloween 2023

Happy Halloween Immortals! Does everyone have their pumpkin growing nice and large? The Pumpkin Growing event ends today. Nikitas Nook is now open in Port-Au-Prince, so stop on by to get some fantastic Halloween collectibles. Could you use some Blood Of The Ancients? Try our apple bobbing event found on the Explore page. Is Trick or Treating more your style? If so, get ready to compete for prizes! So here is how it works. You can find a Trick or Treat link on the profile pages of active Immortals, and if you have at least 5% of your energy, you can try to collect candy. Immortals who are the most active today will have the most candy available for taking; that is, unless it has already been taken. So keep that in mind. Additional candy will be added at the top of every hour based on player activity. Prizes will be distributed to the top 25 Trick-or-Treat-ers. A special bonus prize will be given out for the Immortal who snags the largest haul (in a single Knock) and to the Immortal who visits the most Lairs today! Maybe the Ancients will even give out some of those wickedly strong Nocturnal Scream Grenades from the DP. Good luck.

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October 28 2023 12:10:05 am

Special Halloween Event

Hello Immortals. The first of our Halloween events launches today. If you are interested in participating, I encourage you to visit the Pumpkin Patch link on the Explore page for additional information. This is a four-day Halloween event so pace yourselves. Nikita

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October 14 2023 12:01:02 am

Greetings Immortals

Today we have a special event, the CLAY PIGEON SHOOT! That kinda clay pigeon shoot? Yup! Immortal style of course. Go to the Clay Pigeon Shoot link on the Explore page and release a flock of pigeons. Once you do they are released on the City Grid in a particular City. Your job is to go hunt the pigeons on the City Grid in the correct city and shoot all 14 Pigeons in the Flock! You are going to need a Pigeon Rifle to do this, so pick one up at the Mining and Miscellaneous Shop before you go a-huntin. You have one (1) hour to shoot all the pigeons in the flock to win a prize.

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September 30 2023 12:18:33 am

A Couple Notes

Just wanted to share two quick pieces of information. First, the Get Off The Sofa DP is presently available in the donator section for those who might be looking to juice up their training. Second, Connect Four has been added to the Explore page. This is not a permanent feature, just something we open up from time to time. Enjoy. N

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September 27 2023 7:47:30 pm


Unfortunately, Immortal Night has been down for the better part of the day. While I do not have any specific details, there was some sort of significant power failure at the data center that houses our servers. My hands were tied, all I could do is wait just like you all. Hopefully the game is good to go now. Please be aware, anyone who takes advantage of this issue to rob other players of their valuables will face consequences. Be respectful of the other players and give them a chance to secure their cash or items as needed. Nikita.

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