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September 2 2014 1:06:18 pm

Contest Winners!

YAY we have our 10 winners!! Whoo this was a hard fought contest. Thank you to all who submitted mails, sorry to those of you that had incorrect lists or didnt get in on time.

Congratulations to the winners!! Aelithia [181], Avery Grace [1510], Demonette [1734], Smiley [410], Jager [69], Eachann Henri Prejean [26856], Rhiannon [412], Donovan [1530], Panic [2692] & Some Chick [246]

Prizes will be handed out at the end of the day. Thank you to all who participated in this contest!

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September 2 2014 12:00:03 pm

Mail Contest

FIRST 10 people to IN GAME MAIL Violet [2] a complete list of 15 TV SHOWS AND/OR MOVIES that deal with Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids, Hunters or Zombies that take place at least in part in a school setting will get a prize. Please do not mail multiple times. Only your first mail will be accepted, make sure it is complete. Good Luck!

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September 2 2014 1:00:04 am

Back To School!!

Along with the Back to School Events today, We are also having a First Time Donator sale today. First time donators using Paypal, Google Wallet, or Credit Card get Double Donator Tokens (Maximum 250 Tokens). The Extra Tokens is a manual process handled by Nikita so remain patient while she processes these orders.

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September 2 2014 12:01:29 am

Back To School!!

Good Morning Immortals, Its time to go Back to School!

Most of us in some way or another are affected by this act of going back to school and so we figured we would do a little something for it here on Immortal Day and have some fun!

We will be having forum movie trivia on the classic movie Back to School! To give as many people a chance to answer questions will be posed a few times throughout the day in the announcements and updates forum. Everyone needs a new outfit when going back to school so we are having a little sale on Armor in the shops...25% off one item at Suit and Shield Tailors.

Sometimes you just need a break from class so on the Immortal Day Facebook page you will find a promo code that speeds up your Schooling by a day. Like us on FB and get the code from our FB Page! Sending codes to friends outside of Facebook will result in penalties.

What would school be without a little mischief? Spitballs are a classic so today we hail Spitball Mania! Go get a Straw from the shops, hunt for paper on the City Grid, use your paper from your Inventory to make your Spitball and then spit it at someone! You get a point if the person you hit with a spitball is active within 5 minutes. We will have a HOF for the best Spit-ballers and the top 10 will win a prize!

Finally, couldnt we all use a trick to get us through the course reading just a little bit faster on a regular basis? Of course we could! Today only we are offering the Speed Reader donator item! The Speed Reader gives you the ability to cut your schooling time by 25% up to 5 days maximum. This item will come in very handy especially with those courses that take weeks to complete. Get ahead of the game with a Speed Reader!

Finally, at noon game time there will be a bulletin on a contest that will be time sensitive. We will reveal the contest at that time so watch for that bulletin and be ready!

Dodge those Spitballs and have fun with Back to School!

-The ID Admin Team

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September 1 2014 11:27:49 am

Referral Contest

We are over half way through the Referral Contest that ends on September 5th. There is still plenty of opportunity to get involved. Even now there are prize positions left unfilled so anyone who starts sending the game referrals can surely have a shot to win some of these prizes. For Facebook users, the Share on Facebook link on the Explore page is a great way to start spreading the word.

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August 27 2014 12:13:05 am

Referral Contest

Hello Immortals - We are going to have a Referral Contest to help promote Immortal Day. The contest runs from now until Midnight on September 5th and we will be giving prizes to the top Three Immortals from each Species who bring in the most new accounts. We will be reviewing all referrals carefully and will disqualify anyone we think is being dishonest. Remember, the point of referrals is to bring new players to the game, not to just create an account and not play. Having a bunch of referrals who dont even try the game will not win you prizes. Recruiting Friends from Immortal Night will also not qualify for the competition.

If you are not familiar with how to get referrals, there is more information at the bottom of the Explore page. This includes the link you need to give out to your friends inviting them to come try Immortal Day.

If you have any questions, send a mail to Nikita or Violet.

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July 28 2014 11:47:41 am

Vote Until 8!

Remember Immortals you have until 8pm gametime today to vote for which Messenger Ad you think is the Wackiest in the Poll Center on the Explore Page. Dont let your voice go unheard in this contest...the winner depends on you!

The Ads up for consideration are available for viewing in the Announcements and Updates forum in the thread titled Top 10 Wacky Messenger Ads.

Get to voting for your favorite!

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July 27 2014 7:15:16 pm

Vote for the Wackiest Messenger Ad!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an Ad in the Wackiest Messenger Ad Contest!

The Top 10 Ads have been decided and now its time for the Immortal Day community to vote on the winners! The Ads up for consideration are available for viewing in the Announcements and Updates forum in the thread titled Top 10 Wacky Messenger Ads.

Vote on the Ad you think is BEST, as you can only vote one time. The poll will be open in the polling center on the Explore page until 8pm game time on the 28th.

The players who placed the top 3 Ads will receive the new DP item Ads For A Month Subscription. In addition the Grand Prize winner will receive 2 Victory is at Hand Scratch Tickets!

Good Luck and May the Wackiest Ad win!!

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July 25 2014 12:01:01 am

Wacky Messenger Contest

Good Morning Immortals!

Its time to start getting creative! We have a fun little contest concerning The Messenger, its called Wacky Messenger Ads!

This contest is to see who can come up with the wackiest Immortal Day related Messenger Ad. Limit of 2 Ads per person and must be 6 lines or less.

Admin will pick the top 5 or 10 best depending on participation and then the community can vote via poll for the best. The top 3 will win prizes and have their wacky ads featured on the Immortal Day Facebook page.

You can submit your Wacky Ads by placing them in the Messenger today and tomorrow. Voting will take place shortly after. So get wacky Immortals there is fun and prizes to be had.

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July 4 2014 12:01:01 am

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July Immortals!!

For you Immortals that are not American join in the fun with the Americans today and celebrate the first Friday in July!

July 4th introduces the first specialty Donator Icons into the the Immortal Day Community, with the Blood Bomb Cupcake and Beach Ball Icons. Both scream summer fun and within that Donator Pack are some other goodies you wont want to miss out on including a chance at one of two collectibles!

Violets Varieties is opening its doors for you to get some festive treats, collectibles and Days first ever Holiday Collectible Armor! Rock those Flippies Immortals!

They will come in handy while you are playing Keep The Ball Up! We are bouncing around a beach ball today to the online players. If you get an event that the ball has come your way, click to keep it up in the air and hit it to the next Immortal. The Immortals involved in the longest run of the day will win a prize! If you get caught holding the ball for too long, you will find yourself in the recovery.

Dont forget to head over to Immortal Night for more festivi

ties as there is a Species Super Water Gun Fight going on and a raffle with some really cool prizes including Grab Bags and Gift Cards!

We hope you have a wonderful Independence Day American Immortals and for the rest of you, we hope you have a wonderful time celebrating today with us both here and on Immortal Night!!

Happy 4th of July!!

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