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October 30 2014 12:01:02 am

Pre-Halloween Information

Good Morning Immortals!

We have been anxious to get Halloween started as you have seen the Halloween DP is available with the Fangy Jack Icon and 2 Collectible Jack O Lanterns in the pack!
You may have also noticed that there are two competitions up in the forums...Pumpkin Decorating in the General Discussion forum and the Halloween House Banners Competition in the Announcements and Updates forum.
Today we add Violets Varieties to the mix. The Halloween Shop will be open in London through the 31st! Stop on buy and get your hands on all those Holiday goodies including the Silver Claw Gloves Specialty Armor and the Jack with Jack Collectible, not to mention all the delectable treats to eat!!
- The IN Admin Team

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September 30 2014 2:16:46 pm

Union News Update

Immortals - As we suspected the Department heads of the Union have decided on a number of very important changes for Immortal Day regarding Gold. For more information, players are encouraged to take a few minutes to read the most recent Union News update. The Union News can be found on the Explore section.

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September 19 2014 12:00:14 am

Yo Ho Immortal Mateys

Yo Ho Immortal Mateys!

Today in celebration of International Pirate Day, we invite you all to become Pirates!! Vampire Pirates? Zombie Pirates?? We are sure thats a thing, so join us in the revelry!

We have a truly awesome DP on sale with 300 gold pieces and a Gold Dubloon Collectible item and a Pirate Captain icon that we cant wait to start wearing!

All good Pirate Captains need a crew...well in Immortal terms Minions will do. For Today, the Plunder from Village Battle Victories will be doubled! There is also a 40% off sale going on for Minion Packs!

We are having an all out no holds barred Pirate Ship Battle today!! This battle is for Houses (excluding the FC, sorry) regardless of status...this means you Fresh blood. Info on the Pirate Ship Battle is posted in the Forums so look there for the details for whats going on!

Pirates Trivia will be held in the Forums on the movies Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl AND Dead Mans Chest. These will be split up so look for the bulletins telling you its go time!

Lastly, Violets Varieties Pirate Shop is open in Port-Au-Prince for one day only, so get on over there and empty those coffers of Pirate-y Goodness!

Have FUN!!!

- The ID Pirate Captains

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September 18 2014 12:00:14 am

Special Event

Immortals - We are going to have a special House challenge on Friday. We are not going to provide any specific details at this time, but we thought a pre-announcement would be advantageous to houses who wish to participate. The event may require some strategy, but more importantly, having your members be active and working toward victory will likely be an advantage. So if your house seeks glory, prepare yourselves! Oh yea, participation requires that houses have a minimum of 4 active members.

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September 4 2014 1:43:11 pm

Cross-Game Forums

Immortals -

Today Immortal Night and Immortal Day have merged Four of the Forum Sections together. Players from both games will have the ability to contribute to discussions in the following sections: Role Playing Forum, Immortal Mythology, Forum Game Threads, and Species Lore.

Why do this you ask? While Night and Day are two different games, many of our player base is not and these Forum Sections are not game-specific. Meaning, they are different from Bugs, Houses, Announcements, and other forums which pertain to one game or another. Having participation from both games in a section like the Forum Game Thread, does not cause any confusion. We have noticed a bit of a strain on our players attempting to post in both games in certain threads of these forums and thought it time to address that. We feel these sections in particular would benefit by allowing users to only have to contribute once to discussions so their attention and creativity did not need to be split between the two games. After all, the more people can easily communicate together, the better it is for all involved.

We are sure there will be questions involved and we will try to address them all as they come. Please be considerate of the mods and other posters as we all try to find our footing with this new set up.

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September 2 2014 10:32:39 pm


The Last segment of Back to School Trivia is starting in the Announcements and Updates forum now. Good luck!

Also dont forget, only an hour and a half to take advantage of the one day only Speed Reader sale. The Speed Reader gives you the ability to cut your schooling time by 25% up to 5 days maximum.

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September 2 2014 5:01:22 pm


The second segment of Back to School Trivia is starting in the Announcements and Updates forum now. Good luck!

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September 2 2014 1:06:18 pm

Contest Winners!

YAY we have our 10 winners!! Whoo this was a hard fought contest. Thank you to all who submitted mails, sorry to those of you that had incorrect lists or didnt get in on time.

Congratulations to the winners!! Aelithia [181], Avery Grace [1510], Demonette [1734], Smiley [410], Jager [69], Eachann Henri Prejean [26856], Rhiannon [412], Donovan [1530], Panic [2692] & Some Chick [246]

Prizes will be handed out at the end of the day. Thank you to all who participated in this contest!

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September 2 2014 12:00:03 pm

Mail Contest

FIRST 10 people to IN GAME MAIL Violet [2] a complete list of 15 TV SHOWS AND/OR MOVIES that deal with Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids, Hunters or Zombies that take place at least in part in a school setting will get a prize. Please do not mail multiple times. Only your first mail will be accepted, make sure it is complete. Good Luck!

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September 2 2014 1:00:04 am

Back To School!!

Along with the Back to School Events today, We are also having a First Time Donator sale today. First time donators using Paypal, Google Wallet, or Credit Card get Double Donator Tokens (Maximum 250 Tokens). The Extra Tokens is a manual process handled by Nikita so remain patient while she processes these orders.

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