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October 30 2015 12:01:21 am

Halloween is Coming

Happy Halloween Eve A.K.A. Mischief Night!

Our Halloween celebrations are underway with an awesome Donator Pack featuring either a Witches Hat or an Angry Ghost Icon, One of two Witches Broom or Jack O Lantern Collectibles and for the first time ever, a space to display your Halloween Costume on your Profile!!!

Violets Varieties is open in London with a whole new line of Halloween goodies for your spooky enjoyment! See the Shops thread in the Swap Meet for item limits and remember you can enter up to that limit in the quantity box...we are constantly restocking ;)

The Halloween House Banner Contest is up in the Announcements and Updates forum, so be sure to get your entry in before the deadline. The prizes go to the House!

The Pumpkin Decorating Contest is also underway in the General Discussion forums. Homemade entries always take precedent so get those pumpkins in there! There are 11 Prizes to be won!

Signups for the Bonfire Challenge are open! Thirteen player teams will work together to build the biggest Bonfire. There will be different items throughout the game that you can find to add to your Bonfire. Each of these items has a value assigned and that determines how large of a contributor to your Bonfire that item is. Obviously the team with the biggest Bonfire wins! The sign up link will be available on the Explore page until NOON today.

Keep a googly eye out for more Halloween events to come!

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September 27 2015 12:01:02 am

Super Moon Eclipse

Good Morning Immortals!

Today for the first time in 30 years there will be a Supermoon Eclipse! This eclipse is the fourth and final Blood Moon in the 2014-2015 series of eclipses. Another Supermoon Eclipse will not happen again until 2033!

Due to this rare event happening and because we were asked and it made sense to do, on Night, we are reissuing the Super Moon Donator Pack! This will be the packs first appearance on Day, so be sure to get your hands on one!

This pack contains 200 Gold Pieces, 30 Donator Days, 1 Super Moon Rock collectible, 30 Moon Mineral Tonics and special Super Moon Icon!

According to NASA, the total lunar eclipse will last just over an hour and will be seen in North and South America, as well as Europe, Africa, parts of West Asia and the eastern Pacific. The lunar eclipse can be seen with the naked eye after nightfall, so be sure to look up this evening and take a peek at this rare event! Check information in your time zone for the best viewing times for your area.
If you are on server time, you can start to see the partial eclipse as early as 8pm.

Howl at the moon everyone, this is going to be a good one!

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September 20 2015 12:01:06 am

Pirate Day is over :(

Pirate Day is now over. :( arrrggg.

We hope you had fun today and we look forward to another pirate day next year. Prizes for the Pirate Ship Battles will be awarded later. Prizes for the Pirate Trivia have already been awarded. Please check the trivia thread for the standings!

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September 19 2015 8:00:29 pm

Pirate Trivia Second Session

Pirate Trivia is now up in the Announcements and Updates forum! The trivia is on Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End. Please make sure to read and follow the rules in Post 1. See ya there mateys!

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September 19 2015 2:01:00 pm

Pirate Trivia

Pirate Trivia is now up in the Announcements and Updates forum! The trivia is on Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End. See ya there mateys!

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September 19 2015 12:01:01 am

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrrg Mornin Immortal Mateys!

This here be our Pirate Day festivities! If you were here last year for the hooplah then you will know we had some Pirate Ship Battles, or Cannon Battles that involved Houses. Well we have that again this year. That means every House vs. every House. This is not a war, this is completely separate and tough to explain in a bulletin, so there are notes on it in the forums.

There is a swashbucklin great Donator Pack available with a Piratey Icon and 2015 Doubloon!

Nikitas Nicknacks makes its debut today in Port-Au-Prince with a bunch of Pirate themed offerings, so be sure to check that out and theres a thread in the forums for you to take a gander at the items.

Finally we have 2 segments of Pirate Trivia for you in the Announcements and Updates forum. There will be two editions, one in the morning and one in the evening game time. Keep an eye out for the bulletin announcing the opening. The trivia will be on Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End. We look forward to your participation there.

We hope you enjoy all the events, keep away from the scurvy and drink up me hearties yo ho.

Oh Wait. One more thing. Minions Donator Packs are on sale for only 15 Donator Tokens for the next 24 hours.

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August 27 2015 7:32:46 pm

Attention Facebook Users

You may have seen, or may be presented with, a permissions change regarding your Facebook/Immortal Day login. It pertains to posting on an account's Facebook Walls. This is nothing new, just something we were prevented from doing for a while, and just recently got re-approved to do. I wanted to make it clear, Immortal Day will Never post on your Facebook wall without you permission. And as always, we do not use your Facebook data in any way. We only use Facebook as a promotional tool, where players, at their own request, can promote Immortal Day using referral links, posting achievements, etc. If you have any questions, please send me a mail.


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August 19 2015 12:01:01 am

Card Sharks

Good Morning Immortals and welcome to the Card Shark Event!

We have a very slick Card Shark Donator Pack for you, where you can pick the Suit of your choice to be your icon! Its also loaded with collectible goodies! The Stogies keep anyone from attacking you for 30 minutes! The Jack on the Rocks and Scotch on the Rocks are collectible nourishments and the Green Dealers Visor collectible is one not to be missed out on if youre the gambling type!

Today the Shark Tank is open on the Explore page! Within there are 7 Card Sharks that you have to catch and steal cards from. 5 of the Sharks have the A, K, Q, J, 10 of all the same suit on their fins. 2 of the Sharks have cards of another suit on them. The goal is to steal the cards with the same suit from the Sharks and get a Royal Flush! If you get the Royal Flush, you will win a prize!! You can swim the Shark Tank for a shot at the Royal Flush 4 times.

Task Poker is next up, where you do assigned tasks to generate cards for your Poker hand! (Hint: Dont run your Prowl Squire today) There are 12 tasks you can do to generate cards and the goal is to get the best poker hand you can by the end and submit it! Prizes are awarded according to how good your hand is.

Then we have High/Low Russian Roulette. Instead of taking turns with a gun shot, initially each player chooses a card. The player with the low card has to then take a shot from the revolver. Assuming the player with the low card didnt shoot themselves then both players draw again. This continues until someone gets shot. This High/Low RR game is for stakes, so dont forget to put your money on the table!

To round out the day Hi/Low pay outs have been doubled. The Donator Pack will be available today through the 21st. The rest of the events will only run today. Show us your hand, throw your money down and join us today in being an Immortal Card Shark!

Good Luck!

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July 23 2015 12:00:08 am

Moon Day Events

We hope you had fun walking on the moon and that everyone got their hands on all the good stuff they wanted. The Blue Moon is a rare thing and it was nice to have one in the same month as Moon Day, it was just too good to pass up...we hope you felt the same way!

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July 22 2015 12:00:14 am

Moon Day Moonwalk

Good Morning Immortals, it is time to continue celebrating Moon Day and the lovely Blue Moon we will experience this month on the Moon Grid!

The Moon Grid is found on the Explore page and you will need Endurance to walk it. You have two objectives while walking this grid. The first is to collect Moon Rocks! If youve got a Mining Shovel you are all set to collect Moon Rocks. These are never held in your inventory, but the more Moon rocks you collect the more Moon Mineral Tonics you can get...up to 20! Prying up a Moon rock costs 2 times the Endurance of a step.

Your second objective will be to plant 12 Flags on the Grid, if you can plant all 12 you will receive a Moonwalker Achievement Award along with 8 Shots of Hybrid Venom, so do not miss out on those! Be careful along the way tho...there are some pitfalls on the Moon.

Good Luck!

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