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December 18 2015 12:01:01 am

Merry Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas Sales the Admins offered me...
Two Large Gold Boxes, for twenty bucks...weeee!
(Select Quantity 1 and get 2 Large Boxes of Gold)

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December 17 2015 12:01:01 am

Merry Christmas

On the Fourth Day of Christmas Sales the Admins offered me...
A Ten Dollar Custom Riiiiing...DP
(Save 25 Tokens on a Custom Wedding Ring)

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December 16 2015 12:01:01 am

Merry Christmas

On the Third Day of Christmas Sales the Admins offered me...
5 Defense Potions for the low low price of three. (Select Quantity 3 and get 2 Bonus potions when you Redeem)

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December 15 2015 12:01:01 am

Merry Christmas

On the Second Day of Christmas Sales the Admins offered me...
25 Blood of the Ancients at the same price you pay for Twenty! (Select Quantity 20 and get 5 Bonus BOA when you Redeem)

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December 14 2015 12:18:54 am

12 Days of Christmas

As you may have noticed we have a sale going on today. This marks the first Day of the Twelve days of Christmas Sales the Admin will be offering from now until Christmas Day! It will be very important to read the bulletins posted every day, not only so you dont miss out on any great sales, but also because lots of important information regarding the holiday events will be announced here!

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for more festive fun as we count down the days and ready ourselves both here and at home for Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

On the first Day of Christmas Sales the Admins offered me...

A Greeting Card Pack at the slashed price of dollars three.
(Today the Greeting Card Donator Pack is on Sale for only 15 Tokens!)

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November 27 2015 12:05:38 am

Thanksgiving is Over

Good Morning Immortals!

The Thanksgiving events are now over. Congratulations to the Settlers for winning the Mashed Potato Massacre with 5,013 Points!! This was a very close war and both teams did outstanding!! The Dp will be on sale through today, if you didnt get a chance to get your hands on one yet. Please be patient for prizes to be awarded.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, both here and at home!

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November 26 2015 12:01:01 am

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Immortals!

Today as we celebrate giving thanks personally in our real lives, we hope you will join us in celebrating being thankful for each other and this community we have created together!

In honor of that, we have some Thanksgiving events for you that we hope you will enjoy! First we have the Thanksgiving Donator Pack with the Cherry Pie Icon and Cherry Pie Nourishment collectibles and Silver Pie Server Collectible! The Thank You Donator Items are also on sale right now, so show your appreciation for your fellow Immortals by throwing a little Thank You love their way!

Next you want to make sure to get your bets in on the American Football games being played today in the Sportsbook! The Thanksgiving day games are always great and good for entertainment and for winning prize money for placing savvy bets!

Thanksgiving Bingo will be run every hour where Thanksgiving themed words will be drawn every hour and those holding cards (bought before the drawing) can check them to see if they have gotten BINGO! If you have Bingo, you will win the prize pot, some Blood Of The Ancients, and some collectible items you wont find anywhere else!

There is a Thanksgiving Pie Poll in the Poll Center on the Explore Page. Stop by there and let us know which pie is your favoritiest Thanksgiving treat!

The Traditional Turkey Hunt is back again on the Explore Page! Hunt the grid for the 24 hours of Thanksgiving and kill those Turkeys!

And finally for the dollop of cream on the pie we have the Mashed Potato Massacre! Players will be divided into two teams; Natives and Settlers, randomly as they log in, and the object is to throw Mashed Potatoes at your opponents for points! First you will need to Mine for Empty Pie need those for holding your potatoes and for blocking shots your opponents might be taking at you! If you block a shot you throw those potatoes right back at them and score off of them using their own potatoes! You can find 2 kinds of Potatoes around the game; Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potato Mash. Both of the potatoes will score you points if you land your shots, but Sweet Potatoes are harder to find, so will earn you more points!

We hope you have a great time today giving Thanks, Throwing Potatoes and Eating your Immortal Hearts out. We are always thankful for you and your continued support of the Immortal Games, so Thank you and we hope you enjoy this years Thanksgiving Events!

- Nikita & Violet

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November 1 2015 12:00:37 am

Halloween Is Over

Happy Day of the Dead!

The Halloween Events are now over. Team Succubus has won the Bonfire Challenge with 1607 Bonfire Points! Congratulations to them and all of those who put forth their efforts to compete!

Violets Varieties will be open through the end of today in order for everyone to pick up those last minute goodies. Please be patient for prizes to be awarded and the forum contests to be judged. We hope you had a great time celebrating with us and had a ton of fun this Halloween here and at home!

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October 31 2015 12:01:01 am

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Immortals!

The Donator Pack featuring either a Witches Hat or an Angry Ghost Icon will be available through the end of the day and dont forget with this pack you can display your Halloween Costume through tomorrow!

Violets Varieties is open in London and moving loads of inventory, so be sure to stop in and get your orders!

The Forum competitions are in full swing with the Halloween House Banners and Pumpkin Decorating! Entries for those need to be in by Midnight Tonight!

Now for the events just added today!

The ever popular Pumpkin Flash game is back! This game is so addicting, make sure you do your dailies before you start it because its hard to stop!

The Bonfire Teams have been decided, now its time to build your Bonfires! Find those items to throw on the fire and make it roar!! The fires will rage until Midnight tonight! Good luck to all of you who have signed up!

Finally, the Haunted Mansion is open for visitors! There are six (6) doors in the Mansion that you are allowed into. Each door has a theme and a challenge you must work through to complete. If you complete all the challenges the Mansion has to offer then you will win a 2015 Haunted Mansion Achievement Award and receive a 2015 Halloween Scratch ticket!

Good luck and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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October 30 2015 11:51:25 am

A couple Updates

Only a few more minutes to signup for the Halloween Bonfire Challenge. Signups will be closing at Noon. It will probably be a good 3 hours before I can setup the teams. Have to run out of the office for a bit, but it will be priority upon my return.

One more thing. On the Immortal Day Facebook page is a Halloween Post, the one at the top of the Immortal Day Page featuring a classy looking vampire. Share it on your Facebook Wall, Mail me your Facebook Name (in-game), and I'll hook you up with some Power Potions. Nikita

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