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September 20 2016 12:08:45 am

Pirate Day 2016

Pirate Day is over :(

Its always sad to say, but Pirate Day is now over. :( arrrggg.

Congratulations to Sorrowful Angels for sinking the most ships in the Pirate Ship Cannon Battle! All Prizes for this very competitive battle will be awarded later today.

We hope you had fun celebrating pirate day with us mateys and got your fill of swag and chatter! We look forward to chugging grog and ARRRRGGGing our way through another one next year!

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September 19 2016 12:05:11 am

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrrg Mornin Immortal Mateys!

This here be our Pirate Day festivities! If you were here last year for the hooplah then you will know that Pirate Ship Battles, or Cannon Battles that involved Houses have become a tradition. That means every House vs. every House. This is not a war, this is completely separate and tough to explain in a bulletin, so there are notes on it in the forums. Make sure you check em out so you dont find yerself walkin the plank!

There is a swashbucklin great Donator Pack available with a Pirate Matey Icon, 400 Gold and 2016 Pirate Doubloon to add to your collections!

Violets Varieties will be making an appearance today in Port-Au-Prince with a new bunch of Pirate themed offerings that are super awesome, so be sure to pillage those stores til theres nothin left! Theres a thread in the forums for you to take a gander pictures of those shiny goodies.

We hope you all enjoy this years talk like a pirate day! Keep away from the scurvy and drink up me hearties yo ho!

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August 23 2016 12:01:03 am

Role Play Bios

Hello Immortals. The Role Play Bio feature has finally been repaired. I apolorize for the delay. Immortals who have used RP Packs during this time have been compensated. As for everyone else? You can enjoy 15 free Role Play Days on your accounts right now. Even more, for today and today only we are having a two-for-one sale on Role Play Packs. If you enjoy the RP features, now is a great time to get packs.

P.S. If there are any RP Bio issues now, please post them in the bugs forum. Thanks. Nikita.

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August 16 2016 1:19:52 pm


The Minions system is now back online. I've made some adjustments with the goal if making the system more profitable. For those who participate on this system, lets give it a go and if further modifications are necessary we will find out. Some of the reward algorithms have been modified, and how after a set number of days, you have the option to move all your minions out of a village so that you may attach a new one. Nikita

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August 8 2016 8:45:13 am

LAST DAY for August Strong Arm Pack Offer

Good Morning Immortals!

I hope you are all enjoying watching the Olympic Games in Rio so far!
This is a reminder that today is the last day that I will be accepting orders for the 2015 Start the Year off Right (Strong Arm) Pack! I will accept orders until NOON Game time, so get those last minute orders in before then!

For instructions on how to order please see the previous bulletin or the August Strong Arm Pack Offer thread in the Announcements & Updates Forum.

- Violet

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June 20 2016 12:03:56 am

Special June Donator Packs

Hello Immortals. The Strawberry Moon (or Rose Moon in places where strawberries are not native) has arrived! Not only is today the longest day of the year, we also have a full moon! To Celebrate this rare occurrence, we are selling a Strawberry Moon Donator Pack. This special pack not only has a Strawberry cupcake donator icon, it also has 72 Collectible Items! Wow! That's 24 x Bottles of Strawberry Mead, 24 x Strawberry Shortcake Trifles, and 24 x Strawberry Roses!

In Addition, we know swim season is now in full swing. But are you? We are also offering the Get Swimsuit Ready Pack containing 10 Determination Fermentations and 10 Boosted BOA! Get in shape today!

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June 10 2016 12:20:06 am

Attack Ladder

The King Of The Ladder competition is now underway. Remember this is a 7 day event, there is plenty of time to get involved and make moves. Even if you get stuck, always check back to see if anything has changed in your favor.

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June 8 2016 12:01:01 am

Donator Sale/King Of The Ladder

Knock on Wood, but we may have gotten the malicious attacks under control. Once again, Violet and I apologize for those issues, but at the same time, we were doing everything we could to combat them. As a way to thank you for your patience, we are having a 24-hour sale on Blood Of The Ancients, Mega Muggers, Reinforcement Charms, and Prowl/Tarot Squires. Today BOA will be selling for 2 Tokens. mega Muggers are selling for 3 Tokens, and Reinforcement charms are half off, for only 4 tokens! We are also having a Buy One Gift One event on Prow/Tarot Squires. Buy one of these squires today, and we will give one to one of your friends. Just place the order, then mail Nikita who you wish the gift to be given to. We are also planning a special donator pack or two for later in the month. If you dont mind, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that running a game like Immortal Day isnt cheap, and we pour a lot of money into Advertising to keep a steady flow of new blood. So every donation is a great help towards the games continued success.

We are also going to have our first ever King Of The Ladder Competition!! This is a week long challenge that can be a lot of fun. For more information, find the link on the Explore page. Signups will begin today, and the challenge will begin on the 10th.

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May 28 2016 12:00:11 am

Purple Diamond Present Swap

For some additional fun, we created the Purple Diamond Present Swap! The Ancients have rained down a bunch of Purple Diamonds over the Immortal community in honor of my birthday and of course I wants em! For every FIVE Purple Diamonds Immortals find and bring to the Exchange Table on the EXPLORE PAGE, you will receive a present of your choosing. The gifts have all different stuff in them and its up to you to keep finding those Purple Diamonds and swapping them out for gifts...up to 10 gifts, lets not be greedy now. ;)

P.S. Nikita finished programming this event while stressed and tired. Please report any issues in the bugs forum for prompt resolution.

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May 27 2016 12:25:00 pm

2016 Violets Birthday Events

Good Morning Immortals!

Its May and that means that its time to celebrate Violets Birthday and have a purple fest! WEEEEEEEE!

This year we have a SUPER cool Donator Pack with a Purple Diamond Icon! The pack also has 24 Slices of Birthday Cake and a Brandy New Purple Power BOMB! Thats right! The Purple Power Bomb has the ability to blast someone from any city in the game straight to the location you are in! *flexes purple muscles* The pack also has the other normal goodies in it, but so what? The purple is worth the price!

We also brought back the Over/Under The Table drinking game that was lots of fun last year that people kept asking for. That awesome game is on the Explore page for your drinking pleasure!

Violets Varieties is open in London with my birthday edition shop! As you might have guessed all the stuff in it is pleasingly purple! We have new nourishment items, a new bouquet and a new badass armor! Oh the purple delight!!

We have one other special event which we will launch probably tomorrow. Due to the issues we've previously discussed, it did not get finished in time for todays launch.

All this good stuff will be available for you today through Sunday, with the DP running through Monday. We hope you Americans have a great memorial day weekend and all of you have fun celebrating My Birthday!


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