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April 17 2022 12:07:33 am


Happy Easter! We are having an easter egg hunt! Keep your eyes peeled on Profile Pages of active Immortals throughout the day. If you find an easter egg, click on it to earn points! A Hall of Fame can be found in the... Hall of Fame. Additionally, Throughout the day, on the City Grid, I will be hiding giant easter eggs at a rate of one per hour. If you find one, you will receive a $10.00 Donator Credits Gift Card. I even hid two right now just to start things off. Once you find one, you will be disqualified from finding another.

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April 16 2022 12:20:23 am

Nikitas Nook

Nikitas Nook is once again open. It will be open through the weekend and can be found in London.

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March 17 2022 12:01:29 am

St Patricks Day

Happy St Patricks Day Immortals! Here is what we have going on today. I've hidden 25 Pots of Gold in the mines this morning (Adding 25 more at Noon). Some pots contain 1,000 Gold Pieces, some contain 5,000 Gold Pieces, and some contain 10,000 Gold Pieces. Find them, and the gold is yours. You might also find a Lucky Coin (Rare collectible from 2015) I will be honest with you. I have coded the system to only let an individual find 1 reward each.... Have to spread the wealth around ya know. Additionally, every hour throughout the day I am adding millions of dollars in extra prize money to the Lottery so try your luck! I also invite you to join in the Four Leaf Clover Hunt in game today. As you play you can find Clover and Shamrocks throughout the game. What you really want to find are the three different types of Four Leaf Clover. If you do, prizes await you like gold, Blood of the Ancients and Vampire Venom! Did I mention Nikita Nook? Yep, it is open as well! Fly on over to London and check it out. N

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February 14 2022 12:01:23 am

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Immortals. Just a few things to note for you today.

1) Nikitas Nook and the Valentines Day DP are still open to all.
2) Full Hearts War: Two Teams, randomly selected by the game. You start with an Empty Heart and Mine or Walk the City Grid to find Love Capsules. You have to use 3 Love Capsules on members of an opposing team to get a Full Heart. Once you have a Full Heart it is credited to your team! A Full Heart does not only get your team a point, it also will give you an Endurance boost to keep going spreading the love along with a piece of Gold or Platinum! So get those Full Hearts for you and your team because the team with the most Full Hearts wins!
3) All players should keep an eye out in the mines for Cupids Arrows. These are non-collectible special event items. The 30 Top Immortals who find the most cupids arrows today will receive prizes.
4) Luv Bombs are for sale in the donator section. 10 Luv Bombs for 25 Donator Tokens.

Have a great day!

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February 12 2022 12:30:16 am

Nikitas Nook

Nikitas Nook is now open for the selling of Valentines Day collectibles. For more information please visit my forum thread on the topic. Enjoy.

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December 25 2021 12:01:20 am

Merry Christmas

Christmas is finally here. May your day be merry! Have you been to the Nook? Good. Have yourself a stylish Xmas Donator Icon? Great. I have two additional events for everyone today. First, we have the Stocking Races. If you are not familiar, this is a competitive multi player race event found via link on the Explore page. The second event we have today is something new I call the Snowman Challenge. To be a contender in this event you're going to have to put in some effort and have a fair amount of luck. If you are a competitive holiday player, I would click the link on the Explore page right quick. Have a great day. Nikita.

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December 24 2021 12:00:04 am

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Immortals. The first of our Christmas competitions is now live and it will run through tomorrow.

Frosty is a magical Snowman that is bopping all around or Immortal world. Your job is to catch him and snatch his coal eyes in order to crush them and see if there are diamonds inside! If you find Coal Diamonds you can exchange them in the Hall of Presents for gifts! Coal Diamonds will be removed after the event, so you dont need to hang on to them for your Collectible Cabinets. Exchange those suckers for presents! You definitely want to do this because you can also get Christmas Rubies from the Frosty gifts and in addition the top 5 Coal Diamond finders will also get an extra gift! Woohoo! (Please be sure to use ethical practices when participating in this event. We would not want to disqualify anyone due to the use of auto refreshers, mutli-tab refreshers etc.)

P.S. Make sure to check out Nikitas Nook in New York if you have not already. Nikita.

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November 26 2021 12:02:11 am


Amazing! Our Turkey Hunt event ended in a tie between. MurderousShewolf [450] and Violet Eyed Minx ~Gold~ [69598]. I wish I could say the same about the Immortal Day Football game, but it was an absolute blowout just like the Buffalo/Saints game today. Regardless, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and you can look forward to holiday events this coming December. N

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November 25 2021 12:00:17 am

Thanksgiving 2021

Welcome to Thanksgiving everyone! Nikitas Nook and the Thanksgiving DP (Thank Yous too) are still available to all. (Eeek, I forgot to add the Sportsbook here. @#[email protected]#[email protected]#. I'll get working on that ASAP but there will only be a short window to place bets). Additionally, we have a couple special events for you today. First, we have the return of the Zombie Turkey hunt. The information for this event can be found via the link on the Explore page. Today we also have the Thanksgiving Day Immortal Football Game! Shirts Vs. Furs! Regardless of species active players will be sorted into the two teams. Then you play the game in different ways to score points or earn penalties for your team! The team with the highest score at the end of Thanksgiving Day wins! There will be a trophy and an MVP HOF. There is also an Announcers Box that gives a play by play of what the teams are doing so you can keep track of what is going on in the game! Additional instructions and information can be found through the link on the Explore page. This is a tricky event Immortals and we have only done it once before (several years back), so if you run into issues please post in the BUGS forum and we do ask for your patience while sorting it out.

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October 31 2021 12:02:04 am

Happy Halloween

Its the best day of the year, Halloween is Here! I hope everyone has been able to grab one of the Halloween Donator Packs. I really dig the DP Icon this year. For today's events we have Greedy Goblins, Trick Or Treating on the Citygrid, and a Slider Puzzle. Details are below.

Greedy Goblins
Today you will find Greedy Goblins all through the community running around and attempting to block the ability to obtain or use anything of value especially gold, cash and souls. The Ancients have helped us out with spreading Sugar Cubes all over the Immortal World to help us combat the Goblins greed and replace it with gluttony! Use these Sugar Cubes on the Goblins and then drag them to one of the Drunk tanks on the Explore page to keep them contained. The top ten Immortals that subdue the most Goblins will receive the thanks of the Ancients and a generous prize! Drunk Tanks do fill up, so after a while you may have to look through various cities in the game for available space. There will always be space somewhere.

Trick Or Treating
A Trick or Treat competition on the City Grid. First you will need a Plastic Pumpkin from Violets Varieties to hold your treats then you can search the grid for Houses with their lights on to ring the bell. Not all Houses will give candy, but for those who do you have hit pay dirt! The candy can be consumed but the goal is to collect as much candy as you can because the top 20 in the Hall of Fame will win prizes!

Slider Puzzle - Just look for the link on the Explore page and read the details there.

Lastly, if you were not aware, this time of year we usually allow costumes to be displayed on profile pages. You can do this from the preferences menu if you were not aware. N

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