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February 18 2015 12:19:03 am

Flashing and King Cake Challenge Closed

Good Morning Immortals, the Flashing and King Cake Challenge events are now closed. We hope you had fun with these events and flashed a lotta people, threw a lotta beads and stole a lotta cake! Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 cake stealers soon. Violets Varieties Shop in New Orleans and the 2015 Carnivale DP will be still be open and available through the end of today!

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February 17 2015 12:01:01 am

Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday Immortals!

Today we celebrate the Carnivale with Flashing, a new Donator Pack with a Red, Blue and Gold Mask Icon and collectible Dubloon, Flashing, a Violets Varieties Shop full of traditional and new Mardi Gras goodies, Flashing, a King Cake Challenge where you have to break into peoples Lairs and steal their King Cake and did I mention....Flashing?

There be Flashing Immortals! Never Flashed before? Its done through Profile pages and if you do a good job, ya might get some beads thrown at you! We have new Fleur de lis beads in the shop this year, so throw them with as much abandon as the people shaking their ta-tas at you are!

For the King Cake Challenge you need to be able to Rob lairs, so if you dont have donator days get some so you can participate. Break into peoples Lairs and grabs those cakes! Top 10 King Cake robbers will get a prize..everyone else..well...youll have King Cakes so celebrate!!

The Carnivale DP and Violets Varieties will be available through tomorrow, but dont wait too long to get your goodies so you can celebrate with us on the day.

Have fun Immortals and Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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February 15 2015 4:14:57 pm

Valentines Winners!

Good Afternoon Immortals, this bulletin is to announce the Valentines Day Winners!

Sweetheart Mining Challenge winners:
Morior [3598] AND Mali [3545] - Pink Diamonds: 44
Cut Throat [41265] AND Kocokana [42992] - Pink Diamonds: 43
Pearls [4883] AND Haze [6709] - Pink Diamonds: 38
Bethany James [64511] AND Timothy Sanchez [65107] - Pink Diamonds: 33
Avery Grace [1510] AND spashley [443] - Pink Diamonds: 31
Theriden [57358] AND lilliath [54574] - Pink Diamonds: 31
~Selaynie Torres~ [62461] AND Brandon Aerts [63910] - Pink Diamonds: 28
Sweet Diabla [9839] AND Loki [5078] - Pink Diamonds: 24
Kate [2448] AND Shield [685] - Pink Diamonds: 23
Rhiannon [412] AND ~Adrian~ [414] - Pink Diamonds: 22
~Angel Sky~ [76858] AND PinkLady [3941] - Pink Diamonds: 22

As you can see there are 11 couples listed as a result of ties. Prizes have been awarded, check your inventories and please remember each partner got awarded a prize so the the awards are basically doubled. We also awarded 11 couples not 10 so the prizes reflect that multiple couples were getting the same place reward. Let me know if any of you have questions regarding your prizes. Since I distributed by hand for both games its a bit of a handful.

The Top 3 couples for the Four Legged Race also got a small additional prize for their continuing efforts. Those have also been awarded, again keep in mind that each partner got a prize so the award for that place is doubled:
the lone wolf [1216] AND Jynx [3098] - 16 Victories
spashley [443] AND Avery Grace [1510] - 13 Victories
~ Odette ~ [652] AND Gabi Red [53370] - 9 Victories
Thank you to everyone who participated in the events, we hope you had fun! -Violet

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February 15 2015 12:00:11 am

Valentines Day is over

Good Morning Immortals, we hope you very much enjoyed Valentines Day and our celebration here. Hopefully you come away from yesterdays events with more than dirty socks and used band aids. For those that did the Sweetheart Mining Challenge thank you for participating and the top 10 will get their prizes soon. For those of you competing in the four legged race, we hope you had fun and thank you for your patience while we worked out some issues with this new and complex event. To all we hope you enjoy the items this Valentines Day brought us and a special thank you to all the Create an Item Raffle winners who worked so hard on their items. Thank you for spending some of your day of love with us! Love to you all!

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February 14 2015 12:01:01 am

Valentines Day

Good Morning Immortals and Happy Valentines Day!

We have some fun things for you to participate in for the day of love. First off are the Valentines Day donator packs! We have two icons for you this year, the first is the Love Struck Icon...a Neon Heart with an arrow through it and the second is the Heart of Nails, which, you guessed it, is a heart with nails driven through it. We borrowed an item that one of the raffle winners on Night had made for this pack, because we thought it was too good to deny the Day players of. It is called the Tie That Binds Bomb and its a bomb that will put both the player its set on AND their spouse in recovery. Pretty nifty eh? Now keep in mind Mardi Gras falls in 3 days and there will be a pack for that too. We like to give our players a heads up when these two holidays fall so close together so they can make wise decisions on purchases.

On to the events! Violets Varieties Shop is open in Niagara Falls today only with a whole bunch of goodies including 3 fantastic items from our create an item Raffle winners!!

Next we have the Sweetheart Mining Challenge where spouses work together to mine as many pink diamonds as they can, picking up other goodies along the way. Top 10 couples will win extra prizes! We also have a new event this year with the Four Legged Race. You and a partner sign up to race 3 other couples. You will then both have to complete the hurdles ahead of the other couples to win. Races will take place one after the other and the couples that win the race will get a prize!

Dont forget to send out those Valentines Day cards whether they be filled with a little love or a little I dont think so. New card templates are available for low rent for this special day. If you would like to see the new ones, take a look in the Announcements and Updates forum.

We hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day here on Immortal Day!

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February 9 2015 12:00:40 pm

Valentines Cards

Good Afternoon Immortals!

Valentines Day is on Saturday, and sending cards to loved ones and even enemies is a time honored tradition. To aid the Immortal community with that tradition, some of the mods and I have come up with some new card designs especially for Valentines Day available for LOW RENT in the Greeting Card Shop on the Explore page. We have tried to be diverse and come up with a wide selection of cards, so even if you dont like the gushy stuff there is something there for you. There are even some Anti-Valentines Cards for those of you who have closed the door on that noise.

For your ease of use, I have opened a Valentines Card thread in the Announcements and Updates forum with the new card collections displayed. They are watermarked in the forum, but will not be in the Greeting Card Shop. There are also instructions there on how to send a card, if you have never done so before.

We hope you like what we have come up with, but if you can always make your own! Happy week before Valentines Day! - Violet

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January 27 2015 6:53:23 pm

Create an Item Raffle Winners

The Winners have been drawn for the Create an Item Raffle! The winners are: Devilline [520], Bella Bite [7129] & Drusilla1 [56629]! Congratulations!! We cant wait to see what they come up with and look forward to seeing their items featured in the Valentines Shop!

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January 25 2015 12:08:43 am

Opposite War Is Over

The Opposite War is now over. Congratulations to the Hybrid Zombies for winning with an amazing 10900 Points! We hope everyone had a good time doing something a bit different with this war. Please be patient with us for award distribution and remember today is the last day for the Start the Year off Right pack and to get Raffle Tickets with every donation in $5 increments!

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January 24 2015 12:01:01 am

Opposite War!

We have an Opposite War for you today!!! What is an opposite war? Well, the point of normal species wars is to hit a member of the opposite species and win that battle for a point right? Not so in an opposite war. The object here is to hit a member of the opposing species and lose. WHAT?!?! Thats right. Lose. You can also score a point for your team by hitting a member of your same species and winning!! Holy cow!

For today only your game gear is frozen...that means you can not equip or unequip anything and we also will not be losing any exp for lost battles. Sorry, if you had plans on leveling today, its not going to happen. There are no sign ups necessary for the Opposite War, its a game wide event! Top 10 scores will receive a prize and all on the winning team will get trophies if you score more than 10 points for your team! Results can be found in the Hall of Fame.

Have fun losing to win!!!

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January 23 2015 12:07:42 am

Start The Year Off Right

Good Morning Immortals.

Today we are releasing the Start the Year off Right Donator pack! It is a boosted pack with 800 Gold Pieces, 400IQ, 5 Blood of the Ancients and..the best part...a Strong Arm Icon for 30 days!

Flex your muscles and get one of these cool packs.

We are also having a Create an Item Raffle for all Immortals who donate for tokens over the next three days. We did one of these last year on Immortal Night and it was a success. For those of you who are not familiar, the winners of the Raffle get to work with Violet to create a specialty item for her shop!

These specialty items will be featured in the Valentines Shop next month! Your name will go in the description of your special item and you will get a variable number of your item, depending on which category it falls into, free! Each winner, of which there will be three, gets to create one (1) item. Get in on the fun and get your Raffle Tickets! Raffle Tickets are personal, cannot be traded, and are not a permanent item.

The Start the Year off Right pack will be on sale the 23rd - 25th. During the same period, for every $5.00 in Donator Tokens purchased, Immortals will be issued a Raffle Ticket for the Create an Item Raffle!

So start the year off right and get your Strong Arm Icon and raffle tickets today!

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