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November 1 2016 12:01:04 am

Halloween Has Passed

Happy All Souls Day Immortals!

The Bite Wars are now over and the Admin are proud to announce that the Vampires have won the first Immortal Bite War with 1173 Bites! Congratulations to them and everyone who participated in this war!

All Contests are now closed for judging. Today is also the last day to get your hands on the Halloween Donator Packs including the Compulsion Capsules and the last day to buy Tricks and Treats at Violets Varieties! Its also the last day your Halloween Costumes will be showing on your profile.

We hope you had a great time celebrating Halloween with us and we thank you for spending some of your holiday here in the Immortal community! Please be patient for trophies and prizes.

- Nikita & Violet

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October 31 2016 12:01:01 am

Halloween Events

Happy Halloween Immortals!

Bite Wars have come to the Immortal Games! The object of the Bite Wars is to "Turn" as many people as possible into your original Species. My Designated species is Vampire. That means I have to try and change as many Lycans, Hunters, Hybrids and Zombies as possible into Vampires. I have to Hunt people on the Game who are a DIFFERENT species than me and then Bite them to change them to Vampire. Every Immortal I change adds to my score and the total score for Vampires.

If I turn a Lycan then it shows on their profile Turned Vampire in a new spot. This does not affect their player type as they choose it. Once they are TURNED Vampire a Lycan can then come along and Bite Them to Turn them Lycan. That lycan will then get a point for themselves and their team. That works for any other species as well. See how this goes?

You need 50 % of your max Cunning, Energy and Will to bite and turn someone successfully. You can attempt a bite at 25% each, but there is a chance that you will be unsuccessful and the tables may turn on you and you may be turned the species of the person you are trying to turn. Even if you are "Turned" another species you are always biting from your Designated chosen species and that has been locked at the start of this event.

The winning Species will get a Bite Wars Trophy and the Top 10 Biters will get additional prizes!

The Admins begin judging the Halloween Bio contest today and its the last day for submissions to the Pumpkin Decorating Contest and the Halloween House Banner Competition.

Good luck to all and Happy Halloween!

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October 30 2016 12:01:01 am

Halloween Events

Happy Mischief Day Immortals!

Believe it or not Goblins are an invisible staple in the Immortal Community and are in charge of the safeguarding and distribution of gold. Normally they are excellent at performing this task, but every once in a while the Halloween excitement overtakes them and the greedy aspect of their nature takes over.

Today you will find Greedy Goblins all through the community running around and attempting to block the ability to obtain or use anything of value especially gold, cash and souls. The Ancients have helped us out with spreading Sugar Cubes all over the Immortal World to help us combat the Goblins greed and replace it with gluttony! Use these Sugar Cubes on the Goblins and then drag them to one of the Drunk tanks on the Explore page to keep them contained.

The top ten Immortals that subdue the most Goblins will receive the thanks of the Ancients and a generous prize!

Today is also the LAST DAY for Halloween Bio Submissions, so be sure to get those in before midnight and good luck with those Greedy Goblins!

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October 28 2016 12:06:47 am

Halloween Events

Good Morning Immortals! In order to make sure you have plenty of time to shop Violets Varieties is opening today with a bunch of brand new Halloween Tricks and Treats! The shop thread is open in the Swap Meet forum for graphics and limits and remember you can enter the quantity you want in the box to buy multiples of an item at a time!

This is also a reminder that the Halloween Bio, Pumpkin Decorating and Halloween House Banner contests are all open for submissions. You only have two days left to submit a Halloween Bio, so be sure to get that in on time!

We hope you are having fun so far with the festivities and assure you there is more to come!

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October 24 2016 12:01:01 am

Halloween Events

Good Morning Immortals, have you picked your Halloween Costumes out yet? If you havent done that yet, now is a good time because the Halloween Donator Packs are being released today! We are rocking old school this year and going with two packs with two classic icons, Dracula and the Werewolf! If that wasnt exciting enough, the packs themselves are packed with goodies too! 400 Coins, 200 IQ, 5 Bombs, 5 Compulsion Capsules (oh boy are these good - You can Compulse your victim into either, dropping cash, going to capture or Recovery for a time or complete Silence for 5 minutes!), and a collectible Jack O Lantern! Plus, when you have one in use you can wear your Halloween Costume on your Profile until midnight on November 1st!

The Halloween Packs are filled with goodness, but that is not all we have for you today. Compulsion Capsules can also be purchased on their own if the ones in the packs just are not enough for you, but do beware the Compulsion Capsules will not last forever. You can use these beauties on other Immortals until November 20th, so only buy what youre going to use! Submissions for the Halloween Bio Contest are now OPEN! That means you can sign your Bio up through the link on the Explore page. You have until the 30th to get your Halloween Bio in for a chance to be judged for a prize! Today is also the return of the beloved Pumpkin Flash Game! This game has kept many Immortals up far past their bedtime over the years, so we are always happy to see it return at this time of year!

The excitement for Halloween is really starting to build so get your Icon up, put your Costume on and start Compulsing people to do your will...Halloween is coming!!!

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October 21 2016 12:01:01 am

Halloween Events

Good Morning Immortals! We hope that you are all underway with preparing your Halloween Bios! Today we add two additional creative contests into the mix! The Pumpkin Decorating Contest and the Halloween House Banner Contest! Both of these contests take place in the forums, so head there to check out the guidelines for submissions! We look forward to seeing more of your creativity as we get into the Halloween Spirit!

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October 12 2016 9:19:20 pm

Halloween Bio Contest!

Good Evening Immortals!

The Admin are hosting a Best Halloween Bio Competition!!

This Bio should be a completely NEW creation and its theme should of course be Halloween!
The only rules are:
- It must be NEW, so no you cannot use your regular one.
- It must be Halloween themed throughout. Meaning the ENTIRE bio must be themed.
- It must not violate any game rules.
*Note yes, this is a Halloween Bio competition, but please use good judgment when choosing your content. Extreme gore or offensive images will disqualify those who use them.

Take this time to work on your Halloween Bio to get it how you want it. Submissions for the contest will take place October 24th - 30th via a link that will appear on the Explore page. If all goes well the winners will be announced by November 1st.

For those of you who do not know, Character Bios are a Perk Pack feature. Perk Packs can be obtained through the Donator Page or by purchasing one ingame from one of your fellow Immortals selling them.

Good luck to everyone who submits a Halloween Bio to the contest!!

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September 20 2016 12:08:45 am

Pirate Day 2016

Pirate Day is over :(

Its always sad to say, but Pirate Day is now over. :( arrrggg.

Congratulations to Sorrowful Angels for sinking the most ships in the Pirate Ship Cannon Battle! All Prizes for this very competitive battle will be awarded later today.

We hope you had fun celebrating pirate day with us mateys and got your fill of swag and chatter! We look forward to chugging grog and ARRRRGGGing our way through another one next year!

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September 19 2016 12:05:11 am

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrrg Mornin Immortal Mateys!

This here be our Pirate Day festivities! If you were here last year for the hooplah then you will know that Pirate Ship Battles, or Cannon Battles that involved Houses have become a tradition. That means every House vs. every House. This is not a war, this is completely separate and tough to explain in a bulletin, so there are notes on it in the forums. Make sure you check em out so you dont find yerself walkin the plank!

There is a swashbucklin great Donator Pack available with a Pirate Matey Icon, 400 Gold and 2016 Pirate Doubloon to add to your collections!

Violets Varieties will be making an appearance today in Port-Au-Prince with a new bunch of Pirate themed offerings that are super awesome, so be sure to pillage those stores til theres nothin left! Theres a thread in the forums for you to take a gander pictures of those shiny goodies.

We hope you all enjoy this years talk like a pirate day! Keep away from the scurvy and drink up me hearties yo ho!

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August 23 2016 12:01:03 am

Role Play Bios

Hello Immortals. The Role Play Bio feature has finally been repaired. I apolorize for the delay. Immortals who have used RP Packs during this time have been compensated. As for everyone else? You can enjoy 15 free Role Play Days on your accounts right now. Even more, for today and today only we are having a two-for-one sale on Role Play Packs. If you enjoy the RP features, now is a great time to get packs.

P.S. If there are any RP Bio issues now, please post them in the bugs forum. Thanks. Nikita.

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