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April 4 2021 12:08:08 am

Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter! We are having an easter egg hunt! Keep your eyes peeled on Profile Pages of active Immortals throughout the day. If you find an easter egg, click on it to earn points! A Hall of Fame can be found in the... Hall of Fame. Additionally, Throughout the day, on the City Grid, I will be hiding giant easter eggs at a rate of one per hour. If you find one, you will receive a $10.00 Donator Credits Gift Card. I even hid two right now just to start things off. Once you find one, you will be disqualified from finding another.

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April 3 2021 12:18:42 pm

Nikitas Nook

For anyone who may not have noticed, Nikitas Nook opened in Bucharest yesterday and features collectible Easter items for sale through tomorrow. Nikita

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March 17 2021 12:01:31 am

St Patricks Day Drama

Oh no! Its terrible! A mischievous leprechaun named Chuckles McSwithwick has used magic to take all the gold from the Immortal Mines! To stop what they have done, we need to find 6 four leaf clovers on the City Grid within London and Paris. Using the collective magic of these clovers will banish the leprechaun from the game, returning the gold to the mines.

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February 17 2021 8:40:31 pm

Valentines Day Winners

I spaced the need to announce the mining winners from Valentines Day. So here goes. In order of Most (found) to Least.

Sweetheart Mining Winners:
Azarel [356144] and Violet Eyed Minx ~Gold~ [69598]
Cyanide Soul Sullivan Lee-Vi [70135] and Kaden Sullivan Lee-Vi [236365]
Leo.Marchetti [320084] and Arabella Marchetti [111014]

Cupid Arrow Winners:
BlackHearted Lord Kirev YE [1520]
Bluesteel [88339]
Valriya [358149]
Iniquities Sin [342852]
Lea Drago [111400]
Mabel [214936]
JustChill [316083]
Shanoa [238231]
Sephy [1260]
Luna Rosa [358957]
Alyssa Allohay [328876]
..Midnight.. [354465]
soulkeeper [116]

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February 14 2021 12:00:58 am

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Immortals. Along with the already released Donator Pack and Nikitas Nook, we have three events going on today.

1. Full Hearts War: Two Teams, randomly selected by the game. You start with an Empty Heart and Mine or Walk the City Grid to find Love Capsules. You have to use 3 Love Capsules on members of an opposing team to get a Full Heart. Once you have a Full Heart it is credited to your team! A Full Heart does not only get your team a point, it also will give you an Endurance boost to keep going spreading the love along with a piece of Gold or Platinum! So get those Full Hearts for you and your team because the team with the most Full Hearts wins!

2. Four Legged Race. This is a contest between two married couples and more details can be found via the link on the Explore Page.

3. The Sweetheart Mining Challenge is back as well. The goal is to mine as many Pink Diamonds as you can. Here is the catch: You have to be married. At the end of the day, the total Pink Diamonds mined by each couple will be tallied and the top 10 couples with the most Pink Diamonds mined will get prizes. To prevent any tomfoolery, marriages were all recorded yesterday at 10pm. If you were married then, you are in. If you were single then, you are out!

But, but Nikita.... a very large portion of the game is not even married!! We want to do something special too! Okay, Ok, stop twisting my arm. Those accounts who were flagged Single can find Cupids Arrows inside the mines. Perhaps you can use them to find love next year or perhaps you can use them to win prizes in the Top 20 singles competition. Pink Diamonds and Cupids Arrows are Not collectibles. They will be removed after the event.

As always, please report any bugs or issues in the bugs forum in a timely fashion. Thank you. N.

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February 12 2021 10:08:27 am

Nikitas Nook

Morning Immortals. I forgot to announce at midnight that Nikita's Nook is now open in London with some lovely Valentines Day gift ideas. For more information visit the announcement forum.

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February 11 2021 12:03:51 am


Hello Immortals! The Valentines Day Donator Pack is now available! It has a feature (The Cupids Day Arrow) that decorates profile pages like the Christmas DP did. However, this is a bit different. Simply using the DP doesn't add the Valentines graphics to your profile. You can shoot one of these arrows at someone you care about, and their profile will be decorated! These are one time use items, and the decorations will only remain through February 14th. I have included several in the DP so you can use some and still collect others should you wish. Love you all! Nikita.

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January 8 2021 8:00:35 pm


Just a reminder to everyone to always us common sense on the Internet. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And never give your account information to someone claiming to make it a super account or something of that nature. Two names to be aware of. First, we have Crazy Brianne. She does not try and steal your account or anything, but she does try and trick players into being her boyfriend and giving her real life money. She has been around for quite some time. We call her Crazy Brianne because she never leaves and never gives up. Second, much more recently, we have someone going around pretending to be Kanine, one of the original Admins on our sister game Immortal Night. Based on what I have been told from people, this person IS trying to steal accounts. Regardless of the name, or situation, just always keep your senses open for fraud; especially on the Internet. Nikita

P.S. I have also heard of someone who tries to seek out accounts with an identical login name and password, so make sure you are not doing that either.

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December 25 2020 12:00:30 am

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Immortals across the globe! Along with the other items we already have going on, we have two additional events for today.

A brand new module is available. Its called Reindeer Dice. This is a player v player gambling game where two players complete to gather a herd of reindeer. For more information, visit the link on the Explore page.

We have a Ornament Fight for you!! Thats right Immortals we are going to be winging Ornaments at each other. To get the Ornaments you will have to attack other players and steal Ornaments off of their tree!! Once you get the Ornament hurl it at a member of the opposite species! Various points will be awarded for the different types of ornaments that can be throw, but you wont know which ones you have until you throw them!! There are no sign ups necessary, the whole Immortal world is involved! The winning side wins a trophy, but you need to participate and score points in the war in order to qualify for one. There will be a Hall of Fame for the Top Ornament throwers with the Top 10 earning and extra prize. Ornaments are not transferable. Species are handicapped. Good luck and may the best species win!

Merry Christmas, Nikita.

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December 24 2020 12:00:21 am

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve, can you smell the magic in the air? No? Maybe you should go get tested. Remember, lost of smell and taste is a symptom. But I digress, The Gift Wrapping Challenge is now open and found on the explore page. Many of you are familiar with this event, for those who are not, just go visit the link for instructions. Happy Holidays! Nikita.

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