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December 24 2016 12:00:16 am

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve Immortals!

Hopefully you have completed the North Pole Quest, but if not there is still time! Remember, you need to complete this quest not only to get to Violets Varieties and all the amazing Collectible goodies in there but also those Christmas Rubies that will be necessary for the Fire and Ice Mission event that is launching today!

Our Immortal Christmas tree with all the gifts for all the Immortals has been sucked into a magic portal and frozen over with Arctic Legend Ice! ACK!! Break through it in the Fire and Ice Mission where you will need to trade those Christmas Rubies for other items you will need to get through the Portal and your Immortal Christmas Present!

Want more presents? Well the Magic Frosty game can help you out! Frosty is a magical Snowman that is bopping all around or Immortal world. Your job is to catch him and snatch his coal eyes in order to crush them and see if there are diamonds inside! If you find Coal Diamonds you can exchange them in the Hall of Presents for gifts! Coal Diamonds will be removed after the event, so you dont need to hang on to them for your Collectible Cabinets. Exchange those suckers for presents! You definitely want to do this because you can also get Christmas Rubies from the Frosty gifts and in addition the top 5 Coal Diamond finders will also get an extra gift! Woohoo! (Please be sure to use ethical practices when participating in this event. We would not want to disqualify anyone due to the use of auto refreshers, mutli-tab refreshers etc.)

Make sure to cast your vote on the Christmas Polls in the poll center, which will get you Rubies (You need every one you can get your hands on!)and also remember to vote for us for real on the Voting sites for gold rewards!

The Holiday House Banner contest is still taking submissions in the Announcements and Updates forum and that the Christmas sale offerings are still available on the Donator page! Click on that to see everything thats available!

This is getting exciting! Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming, Christmas is on its way....and so are more events so look out for more and celebrate the holiday with us while you do!

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December 23 2016 12:00:38 am

Christmas Let The Fun Begin

Happy day before Christmas Eve Immortals!

We are continuing on with our holiday celebrations today with a North Pole Quest (See The Soul Collector) that will lead you to Violets Varieties Shop in the North Pole! This quest will not only get you to the goodies of the shop, and believe me there are lots of goodies (see my shop thread in the swap meet forum and youll see), it will also get you some Christmas Rubies! You NEED these Christmas Rubies to participate in another Holiday event coming up, so HANG ON TO THEM because you will need every single one you get!!!

Not only will you get the Christmas Rubies from the North Pole Quest, but you will also get them from casting your vote in the THREE (3) Christmas Polls up in the Poll Center on the Explore page! Be sure to head over there and tell us your Christmas preferences, so you can get your hands on those Rubies!

This is also a reminder that the Holiday House Banner contest is still taking submissions in the Announcements and Updates forum and that the Christmas sale offerings are still available on the Donator page! Click on that to see everything thats available!

There are so many good things going on its almost unbelievable that there could be more, but there will be so stay tuned and pump up that holiday spirit!

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December 20 2016 12:00:47 am

Christmas is Near

Good Morning Immortals!

As you can see we are starting to get into the Christmas Spirit! The Christmas banners are flying, the Holiday House Banner Contest has been posted in the Announcements and Updates forum ready for submissions!

Now its time to decorate even more with the 2016 Christmas Donator Pack, that coincidentally has a Christmas Bauble Icon in it! In addition its got 300 Gold Pieces, 200 IQ Points and all the donator day perks for 30 days! To make it even better it has a Wrapped Gift in it because we all love presents and its Christmas time! Now you can choose to hold onto your Wrapped Gift or open it up and see whats inside...there be goodies in there, but its up to you! We also have the Holiday Scratch Tickets available and we have put Boosted Blood of the Ancients (twice as effective as regular BOA) and Determination Fermentations (500% instant Will) up for sale on their own! These are two of the most coveted items in game and they are now available for purchase like never before!

It feels good to start getting into the holiday spirit and we are not done yet, there is more to come keep your eyes peeled for it!

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November 24 2016 12:01:01 am

Thanksgiving Events

Happy Thanksgiving Immortals! Today we give thanks for you, wherever you hail from and celebrate together with pie and games!

The All About Pie Pack has a Slice of Pumpkin Pie Icon along with three types of collectible Pie Nourishments in it with a new Tiffany Pie Server and the Horn of Plenty Pack is chock full of fun and useful items! Check out the Donator page for more info on those. Every $5 donated today also gets you an Admin Avenger Raffle ticket!

Sometime either Friday or Saturday...depending on how the shopping goes, we will draw 4 raffle tickets from the pool as the winners. They will be able to have an Admin attack other players at their command. Each winner will get 7 attacks to be carried out by an Admin of their choosing. They will have 1 week to order these attacks. This is a great opportunity to have the chance to have Admins do your dirty work and even send an accompanying message should you choose!

Keeping in Pie theme we have brought back the Pie Eating Contest where you compete against other Immortals to see who can finish the most pies in 5 minutes!

We didnt forget about the Traditional Turkey Hunt. It is back again on the Explore Page! Hunt the grid for the 24 hours of Thanksgiving and kill those Turkeys!

Next you want to make sure to get your bets in on the American Football games being played today in the Sportsbook! The Thanksgiving day games are always great and good for entertainment and for winning prize money for placing savvy bets! All bets close at Noon.

Finally we have the Race to Thanksgiving Dinner! The Ancients have invited you to Thanksgiving dinner, what an honor! There is a slight catch...They want you to bring a lot specific items to their feast. Ten (10) of them in fact and you only have 10 minutes to do it! After that the Ancients will close their doors on you and you will be shut out of Thanksgiving with them and their generosity, so make sure you are distraction free before attempting this event because you only get one shot at it. Good Luck!

Today we give thanks personally in our real lives and we thank you for joining us today in our celebrations and every day in our effort to make this a great community together!

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November 6 2016 12:02:01 am

Bonfire Day Challenge

Congratulations to team Guys for winning the Bonfire Challenge today. Interesting Fact: Team Guys won on both Immortal Night as well as Immortal Day. Prizes will be distributed later in the week. We hope everyone had a great Bonfire Day. Nikita & Violet

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November 5 2016 12:11:09 am

Bonfire Day

Good luck to everyone participating in the Bonfire Challenge!

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November 3 2016 12:03:05 am

Bonfire Day

Hello Immortals! The Fun doesnt stop with Halloween. On November 5th we are having a Bonfire Challenge! For more information, Checkout the Signup Page found under the Explore menu!

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November 1 2016 12:01:04 am

Halloween Has Passed

Happy All Souls Day Immortals!

The Bite Wars are now over and the Admin are proud to announce that the Vampires have won the first Immortal Bite War with 1173 Bites! Congratulations to them and everyone who participated in this war!

All Contests are now closed for judging. Today is also the last day to get your hands on the Halloween Donator Packs including the Compulsion Capsules and the last day to buy Tricks and Treats at Violets Varieties! Its also the last day your Halloween Costumes will be showing on your profile.

We hope you had a great time celebrating Halloween with us and we thank you for spending some of your holiday here in the Immortal community! Please be patient for trophies and prizes.

- Nikita & Violet

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October 31 2016 12:01:01 am

Halloween Events

Happy Halloween Immortals!

Bite Wars have come to the Immortal Games! The object of the Bite Wars is to "Turn" as many people as possible into your original Species. My Designated species is Vampire. That means I have to try and change as many Lycans, Hunters, Hybrids and Zombies as possible into Vampires. I have to Hunt people on the Game who are a DIFFERENT species than me and then Bite them to change them to Vampire. Every Immortal I change adds to my score and the total score for Vampires.

If I turn a Lycan then it shows on their profile Turned Vampire in a new spot. This does not affect their player type as they choose it. Once they are TURNED Vampire a Lycan can then come along and Bite Them to Turn them Lycan. That lycan will then get a point for themselves and their team. That works for any other species as well. See how this goes?

You need 50 % of your max Cunning, Energy and Will to bite and turn someone successfully. You can attempt a bite at 25% each, but there is a chance that you will be unsuccessful and the tables may turn on you and you may be turned the species of the person you are trying to turn. Even if you are "Turned" another species you are always biting from your Designated chosen species and that has been locked at the start of this event.

The winning Species will get a Bite Wars Trophy and the Top 10 Biters will get additional prizes!

The Admins begin judging the Halloween Bio contest today and its the last day for submissions to the Pumpkin Decorating Contest and the Halloween House Banner Competition.

Good luck to all and Happy Halloween!

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October 30 2016 12:01:01 am

Halloween Events

Happy Mischief Day Immortals!

Believe it or not Goblins are an invisible staple in the Immortal Community and are in charge of the safeguarding and distribution of gold. Normally they are excellent at performing this task, but every once in a while the Halloween excitement overtakes them and the greedy aspect of their nature takes over.

Today you will find Greedy Goblins all through the community running around and attempting to block the ability to obtain or use anything of value especially gold, cash and souls. The Ancients have helped us out with spreading Sugar Cubes all over the Immortal World to help us combat the Goblins greed and replace it with gluttony! Use these Sugar Cubes on the Goblins and then drag them to one of the Drunk tanks on the Explore page to keep them contained.

The top ten Immortals that subdue the most Goblins will receive the thanks of the Ancients and a generous prize!

Today is also the LAST DAY for Halloween Bio Submissions, so be sure to get those in before midnight and good luck with those Greedy Goblins!

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