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December 5 2020 12:13:34 am

Admin Avenger Raffle.

Thanks for your patience. Here are the winners of this years Admin Avenger Raffle.

Lobogris [118433]
.Trouble [164578]
Mesperyian [92395]
Me, Myself and I [279291] (He can only win once)

I will likely begin speaking with them early next week to fulfill my duty. That will give you some time to get on their good side.... N

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November 26 2020 12:00:22 am


Its Thanksgiving here on Immortal Night as we celebrate this special holiday. Make sure to get your Thanksgiving Donatior Pack and Thank Yous while they are still available. There are of course some special goings on today. First, we have the return of the Turkey Stuffing event. To get the Stuffing you attack someone and Beat the Stuffing out of Em. Once you have stuffing go to the Stuffing link on the Explore page and pick a turkey to stuff until it EXPLODES! Top exploders win a prize. Track the explosions in the HOF. For the first time ever, the Beat The Stuffing action will provide experience to encourage participation. Second, we have the Turkey Hunt. Found on the Explore page, this event involves killing zombie turkeys! You may also like to know that I have now added additional additional Achievement Awards (The ones on the Explore Page). How many you ask? Well I will tell you: 20! Nikitas Nook remains open through the end of the day and Admin Avenger Raffle Tickets are still available (per prior announcement). For those of you with sportsbook bets, good luck! Nikita out.

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November 24 2020 4:21:04 pm

Late Announcement

Hello Everyone. I was tired last night and forgot to announce that the Sportsbook is open (on the Explore page) and that Nikita's Nook is now open as well. For information on the Nook, please visit the Swap Meet forum. N

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November 23 2020 12:02:17 am

Thanksgiving 2020

With Thanksgiving just days away, it is time to release our 2020 Thanksgiving Donator Pack! It is now available! Additionally, I have brought back a unique donator item from years ago called Thank Yous. It entitles the user to Thank another user by refilling their useful header bars to full capacity. You are able to send a short message along with your Thank You letting the Thankee know just what they are being Thanked for. Additionally, as we have done the past years, we are going to have an Admin Avenger Raffle. For every $5.00 Donated between now and November 26th, you get a raffle ticket. On Friday, I will draw 4 Winners. Each winner will have an opportunity for me (Nikita) to online attack, on their behalf, up to 7 Immortals of their choosing. If you have questions, shoot me a mail. Nikita.

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October 31 2020 12:00:18 am

Halloween 2020

It has been a long 10 months, but congratulations, you made it to the best holiday of the year: Halloween. Unfortunately that means it is the last day for Nikitas Nook and the 2020 Halloween Donator pack, so get to it. Featured today are 3 Halloween special events. We have Pumpkin Piñatas! Grab a stick and bust them open to see what is inside. Look for the link on the Explore page! We also have a special event on the citygrid which I call Skeleton Army. Within the Citygrid of the first 5 Cities (London, Paris, Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans) you can look for one of 30 crypts. Inside these crypts you will find skeletons with which to build a skeleton army. All these crypts are located within the range of 0,0 and 10,10 so dont stray too far! The Immortals with the largest Skeleton Armys at the end of the day will win prizes. Finally, the Haunted Mansion is open for visitors! There are six (6) doors in the Mansion that you are allowed into. Each door has a theme and a challenge you must work through to complete. If you complete all the challenges the Mansion has to offer then you will win a 2020 Haunted Mansion Achievement Award and a nice quantity of Blood Of The Ancients.

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October 28 2020 12:15:58 am

Nikitas Nook

Nikitas Nook is now open. For more details, visit the forum thread. I also wanted to note that I am renaming the "Halloween Fang Cookies" to "Dracula Denture Cookies." This is what I had intended to call them but had forgotten about. So do not be alarmed if the name changes in your inventory. Nikita.

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October 27 2020 12:15:31 am

Get Em While You Can!

The Halloween Donator Pack is now for sale! It features a couple new collectibles and a couple blasts from the past. N

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July 5 2020 3:12:09 pm

Independence Day Results

water balloon fight. The fight was very competitive and all species tried hard. Ultimately, the Hunters scored the most points while having only the 4th most participants. You can still see the top scoring Immortals on the fountain page. The results of the Rocket Day Challenge can also be found on its respective link, and the July 4th Bust HOF is still posted for those results.

As always, I appreciate the patience of all contest winners as I make time to select and distribute appropriate prizes. I will get to that as soon as I possibly can. I also need to tend to the Pit Cases mentioned in my previous announcement. Nikita

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July 4 2020 12:14:27 am

USA Independence Day

Happy July 4th to all Americans today!  To players around the world, we welcome you to celebrate with us! Please know this game supports all free peoples across the globe.

As you know, the 2020 Independence Day DP has been for sale since July 1st. If you have not checked it out, I invite you to do so.  Today we have some special events for everyone

1. Rocket Challenge:  This is a pretty simple game, details can be found via the link on the Explore page.

2. Jail Bust Competition: Who can bust the most other players out of Capture on  July 4th?  Scoring can be found in the Hall of Fame.

3. If you have not already noticed, the Immortal Water Slide is in full operation via the travel center

4. We are having an annual summer species water fight.  To compete, you will first have to find all the parts for a water gun.  For more information use the Water Fountain link on the explore page.

5. I have 3 unique July 4th Collectibles.  Rather than putting them in the Nook, I am giving everyone who logs in today an American flag pin. The two other items, July 4th Pinwheel Cupcakes and July 4th Milkshakes, will be included as event prizes.  

6. Lets free some people from the Pit of Despair! It is a day of freedom afterall. If you know someone in the Pit who would like to rejoin the game, tell them to post in the Pit.  If they are even remotely worthy, they will be released or receive a significant sentence reduction.  Make sure they remain patient, however. I will be celebrating throughout the day so I may not get to everyone until the next day.

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July 1 2020 1:45:32 am

2020 Independence Day DP

Hello Everyone. The 2020 USA Independence Day Donator pack is now for sale in the donator section. This DP includes a rare animated donator icon as well as several dozen firework collectibles. The M-80 Explosives are functional. When you use one of these Donator Packs, you have the option to display fireworks on the headers of up to five friends through the July 4th holiday.

If you have any questions about this holiday, ask one of your American friends on Immortal Night for more information. If you have questions about the DP specifically, just mail me.


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