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November 24 2022 12:00:00 am


Thanksgiving is Here! Have you all done your collectible shopping at the Nook? Back this year is Turkey Stuffing and the Shirts and Skins Football game.

To get the Stuffing you attack someone and Beat the Stuffing out of Em. Once you have stuffing go to the Stuffing link on the Explore page and pick a turkey to stuff until it EXPLODES! Top exploders win a prize. Track the explosions in the HOF.

Shirts & Skins: Regardless of species active players are sorted into the two teams. You play the game in different ways to score points (or earn penalties) for your team! The team with the highest score at the end of Thanksgiving Day wins! One small change this year, something I wanted to try which not everyone may appreciate. While Immortals can score unlimited points for the HOF and individual prizes, an Immortal can score a maximum of 800 points for their team when it comes to the game score. This is an effort to make the match more competitive and encourage more participation from everyone involved. You will not have someone on the other team scoring 5,000 points against you. Additional instructions and information can be found through the link on the Explore page. Have fun!

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October 31 2022 12:01:15 am

Halloween 2022

Happy Halloween to all the Immortals of Immortal Day. Has everyone paid a visit to Nikitas Nook yet? Today is the last day to get your hands on these one-day-only collectibles. If you are looking to display a Halloween costume on your profile, you can add a link via the preferences menu. Be fun, get festive! If you are one of those competitive types, we have two special events running today.

Bite Wars have returned to the Immortal Games! The object of the Bite Wars is to Turn as many people as possible into your original Species. My Designated species is Vampire. That means I have to try and change as many Lycans as possible into Vampires. I have to Hunt people on the Game who are Lycan and then Bite them to change them to Vampire. Every Lycan I change adds to my score and the total score for Vampires.

If I turn a Lycan then it shows on their profile Turned Vampire in a new spot. This does not affect their player type as they choose it. Once they are TURNED Vampire a Lycan can then come along and Bite Them to Turn them Lycan. That lycan will then get a point for themselves and their team. See how this goes?

THERE IS A CATCH, however. Species have teamed up! Hybrids are teamed up with Zombies. Lycans are working with Hunters. Vampires are flying solo.

You need 50% of your max Cunning, Energy and Will to bite and turn someone successfully. You can attempt a bite at 25% each, but there is a chance that you will be unsuccessful, and the tables may turn on you and you may be turned the opposite species. Even if you are "Turned" another species you are always biting from your Designated chosen species and that has been locked at the start of this event.

2. Skeleton Army: Within the Citygrid of the first 5 Cities (London, Paris, Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans) you can look for one of 30 crypts. Inside these crypts you will find skeletons with which to build a skeleton army. All these crypts are located within the range of 0,0 and 10,10 so dont stray too far! The Immortals with the largest Skeleton Armys at the end of the day will win prizes.

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October 1 2022 12:09:56 am

The Weekend Is Here

Hello again Immortals. As I indicated, we have a game-wide event taking place today. We will call it Anniversary Balloon Darts (Honoring Immortal Nights 13th Anniversary). Here is how it work. You can obtain darts from doing Jail Busts. When you have a dart, you can visit the Balloon page under Explore. There, you can throw the dart at the balloons which will help you to score points for todays contest. Simple enough? The 30 Top Immortals who score the most points today will receive fame and prizes.

Saving Money is something everyone can appreciate right? This weekend, the Repair shop is repairing for half price! If your equipment is in need of repairs, now is a great opportunity to take advantage.

Additional Notes: Be aware, to keep things interesting, I did lower the jail bust odds today. I also added code which will put more accounts in jail throughout the day (not online players) to provide more opportunity.

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September 30 2022 12:02:07 am

Greetings and Salutations

Good Morning Immortals. I just wanted to share a couple things with you. For a limited time, Connect Four has been added to the game. You can find a link to it on the explore page. I also wanted everyone to know we will have a special event competition tomorrow (Saturday) for those who are interested. Additionally, I have something planned for the weekend that I think your bank balances will enjoy, so stay tuned. Have a great day. Nikita.

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September 27 2022 2:18:02 pm

Catchup For Sale

If anyone is interested in donating for some Catchup (This item allows you to catch up on your training by increasing the Max Will of your lair by 20% for 20 minutes!), the Catchup Party Pack is available in the donator section for a limited time. If this item sounds odd, it was originally sold in 2017 as part of our Independence Day celebrations. N

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August 13 2022 12:01:01 am

August Events

Today on Immortal Night we are having a traditional game-wide War (the battling kind)! Team Gibbous Moon vs Team Crescent Moon! Two teams will battle throughout the day for superiority. Attack and win, with each finishing move rewarding 1-3 points for your species. Scoring can me monitored in the Hall Of Fame and (randomly selected) team identification can be found on player profiles. As always, trophies and prizes will be rewarded.

Task Poker is also online; where you do assigned tasks to generate cards for your Poker hand! (Hint: Dont run your Prowl Squire today) There are 12 tasks you can do to generate cards and the goal is to get the best poker hand you can by the end and submit it! Prizes are awarded according to how good your hand is. Good Luck.

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August 12 2022 12:14:11 am


Hello Immortals. Hope this last bit of summer is treating you well. We have a couple donator items up for sale through the weekend. First, we have the 2022 August Donator Pack. I have to be honest here, I did not come up with a proper theme this month so I just threw some interesting stuff together for the month. We also have the Get Off The Sofa available for anyone looking for some serious training boost.

Lastly, Nikitas Nook is presently open in Amsterdam for all you collectors out there.

If all goes according to plan, I intend to have some special events running this weekend so stay tuned for that. Nikita

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July 4 2022 12:01:01 am

Independence Day

Greetings Immortals. July 4th (USA Independence Day) is upon us. As promised, I wanted to let you know of some things we have going on today.

First, we are bouncing around a beach ball today to the online players. If you get an event that the ball has come your way, click to keep it up in the air and hit it to the next Immortal. The Immortals involved in the longest run of the day will win a prize, so keep your eye on your event notices! If you get caught holding the ball for too long, you will find yourself in the recovery.

Next up we have the Fireworks Extravaganza. This is an Individual player game where Players search the Citygrid or Mines to find the Fireworks. Once they are found you can shoot them off using a Mini Lighter purchased at the Mining and Misc shop. There are 3 types of Fireworks to be found and you get points depending on the type, but you will need your Health in order to shoot them off!

Jail Bust Competition: Who can bust the most other players out of Capture on July 4th? Scoring can be found in the Hall of Fame.

You should already be aware of the Independence Day Donator Pack, Nikitas Nook, and the water slide. Enjoy the holiday! N

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July 3 2022 12:34:34 am

July 4th Nookie Nookie

Nikitas Nook is again open in Washington DC. I have all the most desirable Independence Day (USA) collectibles. For more details on the items please visit the forum topic on the subject. The Travel Center is also featuring a lovely and refreshing water slide for the next couple days. Keep it cool! N

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April 17 2022 12:07:33 am


Happy Easter! We are having an easter egg hunt! Keep your eyes peeled on Profile Pages of active Immortals throughout the day. If you find an easter egg, click on it to earn points! A Hall of Fame can be found in the... Hall of Fame. Additionally, Throughout the day, on the City Grid, I will be hiding giant easter eggs at a rate of one per hour. If you find one, you will receive a $10.00 Donator Credits Gift Card. I even hid two right now just to start things off. Once you find one, you will be disqualified from finding another.

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