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April 28 2015 4:30:20 pm

Ancient Souls Cache

The Ancients have had secret ways of moving Souls for ages. Recently we have become aware of one of their most widely used methods. With the changes in the way the Immortal community use and acquire Souls brought about by both the Soul Collector and the Ancients, we thought it appropriate to reveal one of their secret moving and storing methods.

In certain cities, the Ancients have Soul Caches. We have ferreted out their locations and made them available to the community. You can find them in select cities on the Explore page. To gain access you will need Cache Access Codes. These codes are changing all the time to keep the Caches safe.

However, we have an inside guy that is feeding us the Access codes as they change. He can't just hand them out tho, it would draw too much suspicion. Because the guy works in Assignment Reward Distribution, we set it up as a cover for him to pass along these codes. Once assignments are complete, he will frequently hand over current Access Codes to you without another word!

Once you have the Access Codes you can make your attempt at Stealing Souls from the Ancients. Every attempt costs you Cunning, so you don't waste one of those precious Access Codes. You can get more Access Codes by completing your more Assignments.

Now get out there and Steal Souls!

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April 21 2015 12:38:36 pm

Union News Update

The Soul Collector and the Dept. of Souls Management have some important news to share with the Immortals of the land. For more information, players are encouraged to take a few minutes to read the most recent Union News update. The Union News can be found on the Explore section.

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April 17 2015 12:04:42 am

Anniversary Announcement

Good Morning Immortals the Lycans have won the Champagne Blast War with 3,193 Points! Congratulations to them and everyone who took part. What an amazing war!! It was a total nail biter until the very end!!

The winners of the first round of the Battle Royale are: Rod Damon [111], lzzy Hale [155], Winged-One [209], Bardock [302], Beth Greene [571], Hellhound [768], Vanessa ! [776], Davina Gold [821], Zsadista [979], Jace [2945], Metal Wolflord [3875], Burn Face [5573], Azhure [15645], Raynes Witch [44654], Alpha Angel [48055] and Zlytas (aka THE Simi) [82012]! Congratulations to them, they will be moving on to round two. Good Luck!

The Pokerpalooza with N& V winner is Rod Damon [111]!!! He won the tournament with an impressive $329,975 chips! He gets that number doubled and awarded as ingame cash! That was a totally fun tournament...all of us had a blast playing. If this sucker comes around again, do try and take part. It is entirely worth it!

Violets Varieties is still open, the Commemorative Anniversary Swag is still on sale and the 1 Year Anniversary Pack is still available. Please be patient for trophies and prizes. We hope you all had an AMAZING 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on IMMORTAL DAY!! Stay tuned for the Battle Royale Tournament winners!!

- Nikita and Violet

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April 16 2015 12:01:01 am

Happy Anniversary

Good morning Immortals and Happy Anniversary!!

We have been through a year here and its been great! Lots of challenges, changes, collectibles and fun fun fun! Today we have some more for you as we get into the thick of our anniversary celebration! MAKE SURE TO READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE BULLETIN because we have a lot of things going on and we dont want you to miss any of them.

The first round of the BATTLE ROYALE TOURNAMENT will be going on today, so those of you who have signed up ready your fists to be flying. The Raffle drawing has taken place and if you got yourself a ticket, you can now see the results of the drawing in the Raffle Center on the Explore page.

You might also want to get in on the POKERPALOOZA WITH N&V...whats that you ask? The 8 players who win the most poker hands between the hours of 12 am and 10pm gametime today will be invited to a table with N and V for a high stakes poker game that will end by midnight. Everyone will enter the high stakes game will a certain amount of chips with no rebuys. When the chips are gone or midnight comes we will look at the standings and if you have beat us we will match your chips with ingame dollars!!!

The 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY DONATOR PACK is now available on the donator page!! This is an excellent pack, it has the Special 1 Year Candle icon, an extra Blood of the Ancients, a Victory is at Hand scratch ticket and the First Year collectible Plaque, which I love!! The 1 Year Anniversary pack will be available for a week, so everyone has a fair chance at getting this special pack!

The CHAMPAGNE BLAST SPECIES WAR is on! This is a game wide war, no sign ups necessary. Players will have to look for Champagne Bottles around the game and then take aim at a member of another species and pop the cork! There are three ways to gain points: Hitting them with the cork, spraying them with champagne and then doing both for the ultimate 3 points! If they just get sprayed with champagne there is no recovery time, but if they get hit with the cork they go to recovery for the welt! This is a great war that everyone can participate in regardless of stats or level so be sure to score as many points as you can for your team! Please note: the champagne bottles will not be collectibles so there is no reason to hoard them. Good luck and may the best species win!!!

VIOLETS VARIETIES is open in London with a few anniversary offerings to beef up your nourishment sections and brighten your cabinets. These classic offerings help make any celebration special, so dont miss out! The shop will be open today and tomorrow for your shopping convenience.

All those who are active today will also be gifted with a Specialty YEAR 1 PLAYER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD! Dont forget the SWAG SHOP is now offering the commemorative anniversary Swag for a limited time so you can mark this awesome occasion in the real world as well! Personally, I have my eye on the mouse pad and drinking glass! Both will look excellent on my desk and I cant wait to get them!

We hope you have a great time celebrating the Immortal Day 1 Year Anniversary and thank you very much for being here with us today and every day. Without you, we wouldnt have made it to a year. *raises blood bubbly* Heres to YOU and another great year!

-Nikita & Violet

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April 14 2015 10:12:14 am

Immortal Day Anniversary Week

Good Morning Immortals! It's time to kick off Immortal Days 1 Year Anniversary Celebrations!

We have a brand new mod for you in the Battle Royale Tournament! The Tournament will take place over a two day period consisting of two Rounds, so you need to sign up now for it to fill the time slots up. There will be 4 games of 8 players in the first round. Please note these will be fast paced rounds so make sure you will be available in that time slot to take your turn.

We have also opened the Raffle today so you can start getting your tickets. There are a ton of donator goods up for grabs and 30 prize places to win! If you are looking for a good deal this is it! Tickets are $100,000 a piece and you can buy up to 50 tickets to maximize your chances of winning! You can purchase tickets today and tomorrow and the winners will be drawn on the 16th!

Some commemorative 1 Year Anniversary items have also been added to the Immortal Day Swag Shop with the Anniversary logo on them. These items are only available for a limited time so if you want in on them dont wait! Never been to the Swag Shop? Well now is a good time to visit. You can get there by clicking on the Hybrid Mousepad with the purple mouse on the right bar of your screen! If you want something other than you see, talk to Nikita, she may be able to help.

Let the celebrations begin and keep your eye on the bulletins for more updates on Immortal Days 1 Year Anniversary!

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March 18 2015 12:00:12 am

St. Patricks Day is over

Good Morning Immortals,
Sadly our St. Patricks Day celebration is over. We hope you had a great time Chasing the Rainbow, basking in the warm glow of your hard earned pot of gold and getting your themed goodies from Violets Varieties. If you decided to get and use a DP tho, you can channel the spirit of St. Patricks Day all year long with your Lucky Coin collectible. Flip that sucker and let the luck of the Irish work its magic for you! Thank you for spending time with us and joining in the celebration!

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March 17 2015 12:01:01 am

St Patricks Day

Get your Irish on Immortals...its time to celebrate St. Patricks Day!!

This year the luck of the Irish has brought us a Chase the Rainbow event! To win, you need to find all 7 colors of the rainbow via clues within the game and Chase the Rainbow to find the pot of gold at the end of it. See the link on the Explore page to get started.

In honor of this event we have a St. Patricks Day Donator Pack available with a Chase the Rainbow specialty icon, 400 gold in the pack and a Lucky Coin Collectible Item. The Lucky Coin is super cool because you can Flip it! Having trouble deciding between two choices...well the Lucky Coin can help you out! Its a neat item that also can come in quite handy when you are in need of a little Luck!

Another thing you may want to know. Starting with the 2015 St Pats DP, all specialty donator packs can be exchanged one time, as long as they are purchased with Non-Personal Donator tokens. Essentially they will work like Vampire Venoms. This change was made to help provide an option for players to acquire these specialty DPs from other players down the road, for example, if they did not login today but still wanted to have an opportunity to get one. If you have questions, just mail Nikita or Violet.

Violets Varieties St. Patricks Day Shop is also open today only in DUBLIN with two Irish themes! We have the classy Black and Tan Collection along with some sweet items in the Rainbow Collection. Even the Pinch and Kiss got in the spirit! See the Violets Varieties Shop thread in the Swap Meet forum for pics and item limits. Make sure to stop buy and get your share of Irish on this wonderful day of celebration!


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March 7 2015 4:43:49 pm

Self Injury Awareness Donation

Good Afternoon Immortals!
We would like the community to know that the donations collected from the Self Injury Awareness pack offered on both Night and Day were gifted to The Jed Foundation. This foundation was chosen by the players who used the pack and voted on the poll. Hundreds of dollars were raised for the Foundation and will aid in their work of protecting the mental health of millions of college students. Thank you to all of the Immortal players whose generosity aided in the raising of money for this worthy cause and proudly display the Self Injury Awareness ribbons on their profile pages!

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March 5 2015 1:07:34 pm

New Game Module

Today we are launching an exciting new system. POKER!!! This will be found on the explore area under Casino Gaming. However, it does not use the traditional Casino Tokens the other games use. Poker is an independent system with its own poker chips. If you have any questions, please use the Poker forum topic in the Announcements and Updates folder, so we can limit the need to re-answer questions over and over.

This is a new system and we have not tested it on a game-wide basis. Report any bugs to the bugs forum immediately, especially if they involve poker chips, gameplay, etc. Also, being a new system, play at your own risk. We think the Poker system is pretty solid but there is always the possibility that issues may come up. Enjoy.

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March 1 2015 12:04:50 am

Self Harm Awareness

Good Morning Immortals

Here on the Immortal games, we do our best to maintain that real life be left at the login page. However, we are finding that a certain real life topic is more and more entering our community. For that reason the Admin team has decided to lend some support to Self Injury Awareness Day and the cause itself. Available today only we have a DP with an Orange Ribbon. The Orange Ribbon is used to promote awareness about self harm. If you choose to purchase one of these packs you have the option of a permanent additional icon on your profile to show your continuing support Self Injury awareness. The Admin have decided to donate $1.50 from each Self Injury Awareness pack purchased to one of 4 worthy charities, if you use this pack today you will have the ability to vote on which charity gets picked as the recipient of the donation.

There is also a new blog on the Immortal Night site on this topic posted on the explore page, with some information regarding self harm and some resource information to any of those seeking it.

Thank you to all in our community who decide to lend their aid to this worthy cause that affects so many among us and to all of those among us that are affected, we urge you to reach out for support in your real lives. There is help out there.

- Nikita & Violet

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