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April 17 2016 12:05:48 am

Immortal Day Anniversary Concludes

I hope everyone had a blast for our anniversary events. The final round participants for the Battle Royale Tournament can be seen on the Signup page. They will all compete at Noon Today for the final round, the profits, and the glory. Good luck to those involved. Today is also the last day to get your hands on the Year 2 Donator Pack and all the goodies it comes with. Have a great rest of your weekend. We will have more special events this coming May. Thanks again for being apart of our fantastic Immortal community.

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April 16 2016 12:00:29 am

Immortal Day Second Anniversary

Hello Again Immortals! Its Time for Anniversary Celebration Round Two! The 10 Bonus Prowls are Back along with the Special Event Prowl Events. Violets Varieties is once again open for Business! For those who struck out on Thursday and/or were not able to login, you have another opportunity to earn the Year 2 Achievement as well! As for the 64 Participants of the Battle Royale, Good Luck and make sure to be logged in at your scheduled time unless you intended to throw away your entry fee. You cant win if you are not here. Thanks for joining us on this very special day.

If you have not done so already, there is still a couple days to get your Year 2 Donator Pack!

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April 15 2016 12:00:03 am

Immortal Day Anniversary

The Year 2 Anniversary Species War Victory goes to Team Hunters! While the Lycans put up an amazing fight, and had the Top Two Scorers, but as a team, the Hunters took the victory. Congratulations. Awards Trophies will be distributed in a few days. I havent confirmed with Violet yet, but I imagine we'll hand out some individual prizes as well. The War Items are NOT Collectible, and will be removed later in the day. Make sure to login Saturday for more events. Speaking Of, Two More preliminary rounds have been added to the BR Tournament this weekend. As Such, the Prize Pool has been Increased! Nikita

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April 14 2016 12:00:22 am

Immortal Day Second Anniversary

Greetings Immortals. Surprise Surprise, Immortal Day is 2 Years Old!! To Celebrate, we have several things going on!

1. Year 2 Player Achievement Award. Find all Five Celebration Supplies (hidden around the game) and receive this one of a kind Achievement Award (Today Only)

2. A Special Paper Throwing Star Species War! Find Paper throughout the game, Fold it into a Throwing Star, Dip it in Belladonna, and Throw these stars at members of opposing species. May the best species Win! Live Results can be found in the Hall of Fame. Event Takes Place Today!

3. Violets Varieties is open in London. Today and Today Only.

4. There is a Special Anniversary Donator Pack for sale, Filled with Goodies. Get Yours Today through Sunday!

5. Just like Last Year, we're having a Battle Royal Tournament! Signup Begins today and the tournament takes place Saturday and Sunday. Make sure to read all the details on the signup page found under Explore!.

6. Pay Attention while Prowling for some extra one-day-only surprises! Some Bonus Prowls were also thrown in!

Happy Immortal Day Anniversary Everyone! Thanks For Playing!! The ID Admin Team.

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March 17 2016 12:01:01 am

St Patricks Day

Top O The Mornin To Ye Immortals! Today is St. Patricks day and we do like to celebrate the wearing of the green here on the Immortal games!

We have an awesome Donator Pack available for you with a Green Top Hat and Coins specialty Icon and a hefty 1,000 Gold pieces! Included is also a Shamrock Blessing Stone Collectible that will keep the luck of the Irish smiling on you well beyond St. Patricks Day!

Today Violets Varieties will be open in NEW YORK! We have lots of excellent goodies in the shop, both new and old to help you with your celebrations and try your luck, even if you are only Irish for the day!

There is also a Wishing Well on the Explore page where you can make a wish to incarcerate an enemy or friend for that matter, in jail or recovery and see if the well will grant it for you! Be careful tho, the well may not accept your coin and it may backfire on you! ;) Wishing Coins can be purchased in Violets Varieties and are good for one attempted wish at the Wishing Well today only!

We hope you have a fun time celebrating St. Patricks day with us today and dont forget to spread those Kisses and Pinches around!!

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February 29 2016 12:00:28 am

Leap Day

Happy Leap Day Immortals!

It is time to have just a little fun in celebration of this Leap Day we only see once every four years!

Violets Varieties is open in London with our Leap Day themed items and there is a Leapy Froggy Raffle up for you to participate in! The main item is a raffle only collectible, so the only way you will get your hands on one of those is by winning one! First second and third places get a little BOA as a bonus!

Check out the thread in the Announcements and Updates Forum titled LEAP DAY 2016 for more information and the pictures for the items in Violets Varieties.

We hope you have a hoppin good time =P

- N & V

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February 17 2016 11:24:56 am

Valentines Winners!

Congratulations to our Valentines Contest Winners!

The Top 4 Teams in the Four Legged Race are:
Taskie [141669] AND Akirian [9730] win first place with 6 Victories!
Then we have a three way tie for second with Ravey [182] AND Gevaudan Dealbhaoth [138257], -Death Dealer- [2120] AND Gabi Red [53370] and Riselynnah [43510] AND Morlock [25256] all earning 1 Victory!

The Top 4 winners of the Couples Bio Contest are:
FIRST PLACE - Jace [2945] & DrCharlottePreston [35270]
SECOND PLACE - Ravey [182] & Gevaudan Dealbhaoth [138257]
THIRD PLACE - .Envy. [82211] & .Demon. [26112]
FOURTH PLACE - Azhure [15645] & Fox [60692]

Congratulations to you on your wins and your outstanding work as a couple! Thank you to all who participated in the events this year! We look forward to next years celebrations! All prizes have been awarded!

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February 15 2016 12:00:19 am

Valentines Day Is Over

Good Morning Immortals!

Our Valentines Day events have now come to a close. Please be patient while we review all the lovely Couples Bios that have been submitted for the contest and decide on the winners and award prizes to the top 3 Four Legged Race Couples.

We hope you have all had a wonderful time celebrating Valentines Day with us this year, thank you for spending your time with us. Keep your eyes out for the contest winners!!

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February 14 2016 12:00:33 am

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Immortals!

We hope you are enjoying the celebrations so far and that you are wearing your Love or your Hate Dice proudly and rolling the dice to spread the love or hate around to your fellow Immortals!

We would like to remind you that if you would like to submit a Couples Bio into the contest that you need to sign up in the forums and have your Bios completed by tonight. Again, both spouses need to have a Perk Pack in use for you to have a Couples Bio.

Violets Varieties will be open through today with some really fabulous items, we are all having a tough time picking favorite items from this shop, so you definitely dont want to miss out on these goodies.

Get on over to the Carnival and play your little hearts out for those V-Day points so you can win the Special Valentines Collectible Prizes. The limits have been raised so you can really work towards those prizes of your choice!

Today we have another event to add for you! The Four Legged Race has returned! You and your spouse sign up to race 4 other couples. You will then both have to complete the hurdles ahead of the other couples to win. Races will take place one after the other and the couples that win the race will get a prize! Note: Your Spouse must be an active participant in order for the race to progress. The race cannot complete itself if your Spouse is inactive, so dont sign up for the race is your spouse is offline. Otherwise Race on!

We hope you have a great time today with our Valentines celebrations and if you will be entering any contests...Good Luck!

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February 13 2016 12:18:12 am

Valentines Day

Good Morning Immortals and Happy almost Valentines Day!

Sorry for the delayed bulletin, thats my fault (Violet). Okay to business... Today we add to our celebration we have two awesome Donator Packs. The Love Pack and the Hate Pack! Whichever way you roll you are a winner because in these packs are dice that you can roll to support your chosen lifestyle. One gives you ideas on how to promote love and kindness and the other promotes hate and a bit of discord...of course within the rules! The awesome packs also come with a Love Dice and Hate Dice special icon respectively for a little twist on the familiar theme!

We are spreading the love at the Carnival today and tomorrow with Valentines Day points! With these points you can earn special collectible Carnival prizes only available on these two days! In order for you to rack up the points, the daily limits on plays have been increased. Get to winning and earning your sweetheart, or yourself, some fantastic V-day prizes!

Violets Varieties is open in London with all new Valentines and Anti-Valentines...and a couple neutral, good for any time, items! Open today and tomorrow only, so dont wait to stock up!

For those of you that are interested, remember the Couples Bio contest sign up takes place in the General Discussion forum and BOTH spouses need to have a Perk Pack in use in order to have the shared Couples Bio!

Happy early Valentines Day, and keep a look out for more events! Have fun!

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