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October 2 2021 12:01:01 am

Saturday Fun

I have some news for today I hope you appreciate. First, for the next two days, the Lottery cost, and associated prizes have been stepped up significantly. Do you feel lucky? The boosts will be more noticible the more people play. Second, I have increased the pricing limits for the Souls Market (With the support of the Soul Collector). Third, Perk Packs now allow you to lock up to four comments on your page (Up from Two). Depending on how many locks you have in place, the number of comments displayed will also adjust. Lastly, we will be playing Pummel Poker today. Every time you pummel someone NEW you get a card. After 5 UNIQUE Pummels are complete you then have the ability to discard one card and pick up a new one with the next pummel. You can generate 8 cards per hand and you can play up to 6 hands. You must visit Pummel Poker first to activate the module. The goal is to get the best poker hand you can. You can submit your hand at any time after you have 5 cards, but your hand is automatically submitted after the 8th pummel is complete. The goal is to get the best poker hand you can by the end of the hand and submit it! Prizes are awarded according to how good your hand is.

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September 24 2021 12:20:38 am

Get Off The Sofa

Hello Immortals of Immortal Day. As you may be aware, this month our sister game Immortal Night was celebrating its 13th Anniversary. I ran a special donator pack over there that does not have a lot to do with you all so you did not find it here. There was another pack, however, that you might be interested in which is now for sale (through the weekend) on the donator page. If you are looking for determination fermentations or boosted BOA here is your chance. I still intend to do some sort of event over here, but need a little more time. I do not know yet if it will include a specialty icon DP or just some mini games. Thanks for understanding.

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August 15 2021 12:01:06 am

Species War

Congratulations to the Lycans for winning the species war. They did an outstanding job, especially with the support of Lord Kiev. Hunters deserve an honorable mention for also coming out in force. They may have been small in number, but they were mighty. Thanks to everyone who participated. Nikita

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July 9 2021 12:27:50 pm

Catchup Party

For those interested in Catchup, there is a Catchup Party Pack now available in the donator section. Available through the weekend. Nikita.

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July 3 2021 12:04:45 am

Independence Day

I have some more United States Independence Day news for everyone. Nikitas Nook is now open in Washington DC (Details in the Forums) and the Immortal Day water slide is now open in the Travel Center. Keep watching the announcements for future news.

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June 17 2021 9:24:33 am

Equality Donator Pack

So I was struggling to come up with a specialty donator pack for June... watching the days fly by. There are not a lot of big holidays in June so I was brainstorming. Someone in my family mentioned Juneteenth, a newly minted national holiday here in the USA. Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of slaves in America. That lead me to create the Equality donator pack (Now available through this Sunday). I wish I were more of a poet, writer, etc, but admittedly I am not so I will keep it simple. End Hate. Respect one another. Understand that no matter what our skin color is, where our ancestors came from, or who we all choose to love, all human beings have value and all cultures, beliefs, and traditions should be honored. No good comes from hate. Do not let it darken your heart. Nikita

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April 29 2021 12:56:27 am

Kentucky Derby

The ID Sports book is now Open and can be found on the Explore Page (Under General Links for Mobile Users). The Kentucky Derby is a major Horse race that takes place on Saturday. Betting is now open from now until 5pm Saturday before the race begins. Please make sure to read all the details before betting. The Payouts will be determined by the amount Bet by Immortals, and the horses/jockies they bet on. This is similar to real-world horse racing, but a bit modified for our virtual world. Questions? Try the Forums, I am sure people there will be able to explain things and it helps the game staff avoid question-spam. Thanks.

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April 18 2021 6:56:44 pm

Donator Packs

The always popular Get Swimsuit Ready donator pack is now on sale in the donator section for the next 3 days! They were supposed to launch on Friday but it seems they did not.

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April 4 2021 12:08:08 am

Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter! We are having an easter egg hunt! Keep your eyes peeled on Profile Pages of active Immortals throughout the day. If you find an easter egg, click on it to earn points! A Hall of Fame can be found in the... Hall of Fame. Additionally, Throughout the day, on the City Grid, I will be hiding giant easter eggs at a rate of one per hour. If you find one, you will receive a $10.00 Donator Credits Gift Card. I even hid two right now just to start things off. Once you find one, you will be disqualified from finding another.

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April 3 2021 12:18:42 pm

Nikitas Nook

For anyone who may not have noticed, Nikitas Nook opened in Bucharest yesterday and features collectible Easter items for sale through tomorrow. Nikita

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