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October 28 2017 12:02:22 am


Good Morning Immortals!

The Halloween Festivities are under way! As you can see, we have decorated. Now, it is time for you to as well! The Halloween Donator Pack that is on sale has 2 awesome Icons for you to choose from; the Scary Mummy Head and the Slinky Black Cat! Once you use the pack you will also have a space on your Profile to display your Halloween Costume! (You can put that up through the Preferences menu) The pack has 7 Petrification Potions in them, these are so fun, which blasts an enemy into Recovery for 90 minutes after you tip their petrified body over onto the floor! MUAHAHAHA, its so good, really, you must try it. The pack has the rest of the normal goodies in it to with 500 Gold Pieces and 200 IQ Points!

Violets Varieties Halloween Shop is open in London for you to grab up all the wonderful themed goodies! At present, Im having a hard time choosing favorites because the selections are so very good this year! Be sure to get your hands on them and for images and item limits see my thread in the Swap Meet forum.

If you have not already been obsessively playing it, the Pumpkin Flash Game is on the Explore Page so Immortals can get their traditional yearly fix of this classic!

There is more to come so stay tuned for more bulletins with important event information and start having a Happy Halloween!

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September 19 2017 12:01:02 am

2017 Pirate Day

Arrrg Mornin Immortal Mateys!

This here be our Pirate Day festivities! If ye were present and conscious last year for the hooplah then you know that Pirate Ship Battles, or Cannon Battles, that involve Houses have become a tradition. That means every House vs. every House. This is not a war, this is completely separate and tough to explain in a bulletin, so there are notes on it in the forums. Make sure you check em out so you dont find yerself walkin the plank!

There is a swashbucklin great Donator Pack available with a Scalawag Pirate Icon, 400 Gold, 200 IQ, a 2017 Pirate Doubloon to add to your collections along with A Peg Leg Collectible Weapon! Ye will want to get your hands er leg er stump er hands on this beauty fer sure!

Payouts for the Treasure Hunt in the Carnival be doubled! That be twice the shiny as regular! The first completed Hunt gets you to the Pirate city of Tortuga!

Iffin ye has the gold (er money), Violets Varieties will be open fer business today in TORTUGA with a fresh bunch of Pirate provisions, so be sure to pillage those stores til there be nothin left! If ye got one good eye, there be a thread in the forums for ye to gander at pictures of those shiny goodies.

We hope ye find this years talk like a pirate day to be favorable! Keep away from the scurvy and drink up me hearties yo ho!

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August 26 2017 1:04:49 am

Card Shark

Okay Immortals. It is time for more card shark events!

Today the Shark Tank is open on the Explore page! Within there are 7 Card Sharks that you have to catch and steal cards from. 5 of the Sharks have the A, K, Q, J, 10 of all the same suit on their fins. 2 of the Sharks have cards of another suit on them. The goal is to steal the cards with the same suit from the Sharks and get a Royal Flush! If you get the Royal Flush, you will win a prize!! You can swim the Shark Tank for a shot at the Royal Flush 4 times.

Then we have High/Low Russian Roulette. Instead of taking turns with a gun shot, initially each player chooses a card. The player with the low card has to then take a shot from the revolver. Assuming the player with the low card didnt shoot themselves then both players draw again. This continues until someone gets shot. This High/Low RR game is for stakes, so do not forget to put your money on the table!

Both events are open for the weekend.

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August 25 2017 12:00:58 am

Card Shark

Good Morning Immortals and welcome to the Card Shark Event!

We have a very slick Card Shark Donator Pack for you, with a card suit Poker Chip icon! Its also loaded with collectible goodies! The Stogies are back! They keep anyone from attacking you for 30 minutes! Keeping with the on the Rocks Card Shark Nourishment collectible theme we have a brand new G&T for ya! That is Gin and Tonic with a slice on lime on the Rocks and the Poker Chip collectible is one not to be missed out on if youre the gambling type!

Today we see the release of Pummel Poker! Every time you pummel someone NEW you get a card. After 5 UNIQUE Pummels are complete you then have the ability to discard one card and pick up a new one with the next pummel. You can generate 8 cards per hand and you can play up to 3 hands. You must visit Pummel Poker first to activate the module.

The goal is to get the best poker hand you can. You can submit your hand at any time after you have 5 cards, but your hand is automatically submitted after the 8th pummel is complete. The goal is to get the best poker hand you can by the end of the hand and submit it! Prizes are awarded according to how good your hand is.

The Donator Pack will be available today through the weekend, however, you can only play 3 hands of Pummel Poker total. Show us your hand, throw your money down and join us today in being an Immortal Card Shark! We do have two other poker-themed events we hope to include this weekend. However, some lingering server issues are currently preventing them from working properly. As soon as we can figure out what's going on, we can run those events. We will let you know.

Good Luck!

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August 18 2017 12:05:07 am

Total Eclipse Donator Pack

Immortals - We have a special Donator Pack for sale through Monday to honor the Total Solar Eclipse occurring on August 21st. If you are as excited for this event as we are, grab one of these packs and the specialty DP icon that comes with it! Its a rare occasion for the Moon to reign supreme in the daylight sun!

Full Disclosure, we have another special event planned later in the month which includes a second specialty donator pack so you might keep that in mind when donating.

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July 4 2017 12:00:29 am

July 4th

Good Morning Immortals!

If you are American, Happy 4th of July! All are invited to our Backyard Barbecue Event!

Backyard Barbecues are all about FOOD and we have plenty of it for you today! Violets Varieties is stocked with 15 new food items for you to enjoy! We have everything from Baked Potato Salad to BBQ Bloody Marys to Ribs to Grilled Donuts, so it is a shop you do not want to miss!

We have 2 Donator Packs on sale for you to take advantage of. Both have super useful items for you to maximize your game play:

The Backyard Barbecue pack has a Bloody Mary Icon, 200 IQ, 6 Hot Sauce items (Allows you to break through Hounds!), 6 Catchup items (Increases your max will by 20% for 20 minutes!) and 30 days of the other Donator Perks!

The Get Swimsuit Ready pack is a favorite among Immortals! It has 10 Determination Fermentations that instantly take your Will to 500% and 10 Boosted Blood of the Ancients, which are twice as effective as regular BOA!

The Patriotic Profile Pic Thread is going strong in the forums, so if you have not already changed your Display Picture to something patriotic for your home country then do it now and be sure to post in the thread so you can get some goodies!

If all that stuff was not enough for you, we have even more! The Two awesome events taking place today are the Species Water Balloon Fight and the Fireworks Extravaganza!

For the Water Balloon War players will have to find Deflated Balloons throughout the game. Once you find them you have to fill your balloons at The Water Fountain on the Explore page! Once those Water Balloons are filled you can fire them away at your opponents!

You can only fill 4 Water Balloons at a time with regular water. However there is another option to fill your Water Balloon with HOT Water. Filling your Balloon with Hot Water costs 25% of your Energy and you can only have 1 Hot Water Balloon at a time. Hot Water Balloons scald players and force them into Recovery for 10 Minutes in addition to scoring 3 points for your team! If you get a successful hit with your cold Water Balloon one of two things will happen; the balloon will hit them without breaking for 1 point or it will hit them and break for 2 points!

There is a sneaky third option that can occur and that is that when you go to throw your balloon it breaks and soaks you instead. When that happens a point is deducted from your teams score.

The Fireworks Extravaganza is an Individual player game where Players search the Citygrid or Mines to find the Fireworks. Once they are found you can shoot them off using a Mini Lighter purchased at the Mining and Misc shop. There are 3 types of Fireworks to be found and you get points depending on the type, but you will need your Health in order to shoot them off!

Since this is an Individual game the Top 15 players with the most Fireworks Points in the Hall of Fame will be awarded Prizes!

Good luck to everyone and have fun Eating, Training, Breaking through Hellhounds, Throwing Water Balloons and shooting off Fireworks!!!

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July 2 2017 7:04:21 pm

July 4th

Immortals. I have just launched our Immortal Day July 4th Donator Packs. Please know the Hot Sauce item is not yet ready. It has been delayed due to the time spent investigating our server problems this weekend. But the Donator Packs are up for Sale, as we know players like to get their hands on these specialty DP Icons as soon as possible. We will get the Hot Sauce item working as soon as we can, tomorrow probably. Nikita.

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May 29 2017 9:55:24 am

The Birthday Party is over :(

Good Morning Immortals!

Violets Birthday Celebration is now over. We hope you had lots of fun hunting down and finding the Fifteen Shades of Violet, shopping for Purple goodies in Violets Varieties and drinking each other under the table in the Over/Under The Table game!

Your Collectibles can be added to your Cabinets now and if you would be so kind as to visit the Poll Center and cast your votes, there are 3 new polls pertaining to the Birthday events that I would love to get your opinions on.

Thank you so much to you all for helping me celebrate my birthday and for all the lovely Happy Birthday wishes you sent me!

My love to you all!

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May 27 2017 12:56:20 am

Violets Birthday Celebration

Now that everything is sorted we can tell you about todays additions to the Birthday celebration!

The Fifteen Shades of Violet event is on! For this event you will need to search the game using the clues available to guess the game equivalent of 15 aspects, or shades, of Violets personality. Sometimes the links will be more obvious than others and some links will be within links, so warm up those investigative brain cells and find the shades! Once you do a graphic image will be matched to that shade and on to the next one you go. Please do NOT share with others where you found the shade, that is not sporting and can get you disqualified. This is an event for a prize and when you find all 15 shades I am willing to divulge you will be rewarded!

The Over/Under the Table drinking game challenge is back! We always have tons of fun with that, so eat a big steak and then challenge people to see who has the savvy to out drink their opponent! No worries, we will call a virtual Lyft to get you home, so dont hold back! ;)

Remember to get your hands on the lovely Donator Pack with the Purple YinYang Icon and the awesome Purple Tennis Balls and Duct Tape items to pelt and bind your enemies...or possibly your friends, respectively!

Violets Varieties is selling purple pretties like purple hotcakes so get over there and stuff your cabinets full of the purple delights provided!

Have fun with the celebrations there is lots of drinking and searching and purple revelry to be had!!

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May 26 2017 12:06:08 am

Violets Birthday Celebration

Good Morning Immortals!

For the next three days we are celebrating Violets Birthday! (Thank you Nikita) Most of you know what that means, but for those of you who do not, get ready for a LOT of Purple Power!!

We have a brand new Birthday Donator Pack for you to enjoy with a Purple YinYang Icon that represents the dual nature of our lives along with 2 exceptional collectible items! The first is the long awaited Purple Tennis Ball! This item allows you to pelt another user with a Purple Tennis Ball and sends them the message -I wish I could throw a shit ton of tennis balls at you until you cried.- This is a reference back to the early days on Immortal Night and some truly excellent forum banter. The second usable collectible item is a current creation...Purple Duct Tape! This Duct Tape has the power to bind your enemy so they cannot land any blows in a fight! (Cannot be used in wars. One time use item.) This item is truly special and can be a tremendous asset if used wisely!

Two special Event modules will be released tomorrow. Stay Tuned for them this Saturday.

Violets birthday would not be complete without a Violets Varieties Birthday Shop featuring all Purple Items! Wooo Yeah!! IF purple is not your particular shade of awesome (shame on you :P), you will probably want to steer clear of the shop, but if it is, get ready to party! We have 10 brand spankin new perfectly perfect purple products for you to spend your hard earned mugging spoils on, including Purple Roller Skates *squee* and Purple Spiky Pumps, which I may have to be buried in once Immortality has run its course! We also have a Violet Cocktail that looks divine and an I Bleed Purple Mug that just might take the cake...and you know how much I love cake. The shades of Purple Cupcake takes care of that particular obsession nicely, so be sure to get your fill of the goods and remember...its my birthday but its your party! Have fun and celebrate!

Happy Birthday to me and wherever in the year yours falls...Happy Birthday to YOU!

- Violet

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