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November 27 2019 12:59:18 am


Thanksgiving is just a day away. Are you excited? Nikitas Nook is now open and the Sportsbook is also open. Enjoy! N

P.S. Special thanks to Rivyn, Owner of Satans Heart [81673], a member of my holiday committee which has been a great help to me.

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October 31 2019 12:01:22 am

Halloween 2019

Happy Halloween All! We have a couple more holiday events launching today. First we have the Broom Races, check them out on the Explore page. Second, we have the Mine Skull Search. Look for various skulls today while mining. There are four different types of skulls you can find, each awarding different points. Players who get the most points by the end of the day will win prizes. I do not have a hall of fame yet, but I will get one put together. Lastly, we have the Graveyard Riddle Challenge. This will also be found on the explore page. You have 10 minutes to solve five riddle questions. Succeed and you will win a collectible charm for your efforts. I would like to give a special thanks to my Holiday committee over on Immortal Night for helping me out this year.

p.s. Make sure to post your entries into the house banner competition and costume contests.

P.P.S. It is likely I am still finalizing the Graveyard Riddle Challenge. If you do not see a link, just give me a little while to finish up.

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October 30 2019 12:01:30 am

Halloween Eve

Hello Everyone! I have some Halloween news for you! You may have already seen the Halloween Donator pack has been made available. Hope you like it. Nikita'a Nook is now open in Bucharest. Check it out, you will like what you see. Along with the House Banner Competition, in the forums we have a costume contest so I encourage you to check that out as well. That's all I have for now, but I promise more good things to come on the 31st. Nikita

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October 17 2019 3:27:05 pm

Halloween House Banners 2019

The 2019 House Banner competition is now accepting submissions. The submission deadline is October 31st. Please see the thread in the Announcements & Updates section if your house is interested in participating. Nikita

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July 28 2019 4:49:12 pm

Waterballoon Fight

I am declaring Team Gibbous Moon the winners of the water balloon fight. Prizes will be distributed as soon as I can make the time. APpreciate your patience. A top 15 HOF can be found on the fountain page. Nikita

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July 26 2019 12:01:01 am

2019 Sumer Fun

Is it hot enough yet?!? Summer has definitely arrived and so has our 2019 Summer Event. I have got a few different things to help all you Immortals get through the days; specifically July 26th - 28th. 1. We have a special Summer Donator Pack available featuring a pineapple donator icon and two new game collectibles. 2. For our 3-day summer event you can travel for free at the Travel Center using a special water slide! 3. We have an NPC Scavenger hunt taking place. You have three days seek out and find seven (7) NPCs hidden throughout the game and beat them in battle (Leave Them upon victory). Complete this mission and you win highly coveted Power Potions. 4. Three new courses have been released! 5. Hangman has been added to the explore page and is rewarding Vampire Venoms for wins. 6. Last but not least, on Saturday, July 27th, we will be having a Water Balloon Fight.

Players will have to find Deflated Balloons throughout the game. Once you find them you have to fill your balloons at The Water Fountain on the Explore page! Once those Water Balloons are filled you can fire them away at your opponents! Who is your opponent? Well there are two teams; team Gibbous Moon and team Crescent Moon. Teams are being randomly assigned, so check your profile (and others) to see team assignments. Only active Immortal accounts will be assigned teams.

You can only fill 4 Water Balloons at a time with regular water. However there is another option to fill your Water Balloon with HOT Water. Filling your Balloon with Hot Water costs 25% of your Energy and you can only have 1 Hot Water Balloon at a time. Hot Water Balloons scald players and force them into Recovery for 10 Minutes in addition to scoring 3 points for your team! If you get a successful hit with your cold Water Balloon one of two things will happen; the balloon will hit them without breaking for 1 point or it will hit them and break for 2 points!

There is a sneaky third option that can occur and that is that when you go to throw your balloon it breaks and soaks you instead. When that happens a point is deducted from your teams score. The Water Balloon fight is one of specialty wars where the score is not available throughout the event. The winning team will be announced after the event. It is not just about points, it is about which team put forth the best effort and deserves to win. Points weigh heavily on the outcome, but it is not the only determining factor. Have fun, Nikita.

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June 2 2019 12:01:16 am

Player Appreciation Event

Morning Immortals -

We will be having a special event for the next 3 days. I have to admit I had a hard time coming up with a theme so I sort of went all over the place and called it Player Appreciation. We have a couple donator packs available. First we have the 2019 Collectors DP. Among other things, it comes with a choice of three different donator icons as well as a choice of three different collectibles. I have also brought back the Get Swimsuit Ready DP for all you looking for Boosted BOA and Determination Fermentations.

Everyone who logs in over the next three days will get a gift box from yours truly! Make sure you check your inventory after logging in. The Bean Bag Toss is open in the Carnival. This is a competitive two player module featured long ago. The Duck Toss is also open at the Carnival during this event. I hope you like saving money because on top of everything else, over the next three days, you can smelt for free, travel without using flying potions, and deposit auction money to your bank free of charge (Clarification: All auction sales over the next three nights will go strait to bank accounts). Wish you could always be starving? Probably not but for the next three days Fullness will not be an issue! You probably do like endurance, however, so you can expect that to regenerate rapidly during our event as well.

I think that about covers it. I appreciate each and every one of you.


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May 3 2019 3:37:54 pm

Kentucky Derby

Make sure to get your Kentucky Derby bets in before the sportsbook closes tomorrow! OMAHA BEACH has been removed from the race. Any bets on that horse will be returned to the bettor when I process the race results. N

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March 16 2019 12:37:11 am

St Patrick's Day Weekend

Nikita's Nook is now open in New York! Get your St Patricks Day Goodies while they last? See more details, images, etc in the Swap Meet Forum. I will add the forum pictures to the item info page later in the day. Nikita

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February 15 2019 7:10:13 pm

Sweetheart Mining Challenge Winners

Here are the winners of the Sweetheart Mining Challenge

39 Diamonds - Julian Sterling [251843] and Cobalt Sterling [288913]
32 Diamonds - Violet Eyes. [69598] and ~Melody~ [236359]
23 Diamonds - Game67 [316225] and Sam_Bluemoon [316234]
22 Diamonds - Jeannie [21123] and Borden [141086]
22 Diamonds - Sick [184037] and Little Harley [269931]
22 Diamonds - Djinn! [208214] and Aeriss Marie [282926]
20 Diamonds - Vinnie Vallo [251081] and Mara Vallo [315505]
19 Diamonds - *Damien*666 [2848] and Midnight* [18607]
19 Diamonds - Alec Sinclair [223978] and .Rhapsody. [217152]
18 Diamonds - Mr Cuddlebug [250707] and Mrs Cuddlebug [244248]

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