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November 21 2018 1:58:17 am


Nikitas Nook is now open in New York and will be selling fantastic Thanksgiving items through tomorrow. As always, additional details can be found in the Forum so check it out! As announced earlier, do not forget about the Immortal Day Sportsbook. Add a little excitement to your turkey day. Admin Avenger Raffle Tickets are also still available with every $5 purchase. See the prior announcement for details.

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November 20 2018 11:13:09 am

Immortal Day Sportsbook

The Immortal Day Sportsbook is once again open. Accepting bets for this Thursdays NFL Football games.

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November 2 2018 1:36:27 pm

Halloween Results

Immortals -

First off, Congratulations to the Lycan & Hunter's team for winning the Bite Wars. Understand, I did not make the teams arbitrarily. I looked at the active player counts for each spieces, as well as participation in previous events. I believe ultimately the teams were pretty fair. If you observed anything during the event that might help me improve team selection next time, feel free to drop me a mail. As for Greedy Goblins, there is a Hall of Fame for that. Lastly we have the Witchy Game. I hope the instructions made sense to most of you. Here is the winners list for each of the 10 winning cateogories.

inhumanhunter [294005] (5 witches)
exsanguinator [294268] (6 witches)
Fawn McFluffikins [211174] (7 witches)
Shianne [296352] (8 witches)
Deadly Valentine [292883] (9 witches)
Jezzabelle1303 [300844] (10 witches)
Sansanvi [23636] (11 witches)
Midnyte~Storm [33397] (12 witches)
Devils Mistress [61196] (13 witches)
The Night Wailer [180901] (14 witches)
.:Lola:. [1905] (15 witches)

The 15 Witch category had the most competitors at 65. Please remain patient while I finalize and distribute prizes. Nikita.

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October 30 2018 11:59:38 pm

Halloween 2018

Immortals: Halloween is finally here. If you did not know already Nikita's Nook has been opened in Bucharest for a few days now. I will be closing my shop at midnight, so hurry on over. There is still time to participate in our two forum contests as well. Now on to our Halloween only events.

1. Witchy Game can be found on the Explore Page. Go check it out for instructions.

2. Greedy Goblins are back. Today you will find Greedy Goblins all through the community running around and attempting to block the ability to obtain or use anything of value especially gold, cash and souls. The Ancients have helped us out with spreading Sugar Cubes all over the Immortal World to help us combat the Goblins greed and replace it with gluttony! Use these Sugar Cubes on the Goblins and then drag them to one of the Drunk tanks on the Explore page to keep them contained. The top ten Immortals that subdue the most Goblins will receive the thanks of the Ancients and a generous prize! Drunk Tanks do fill up, so after a while you may have to look through various cities in the game for available space. There will always be space somewhere.

3. Bite Wars have returned to the Immortal Games! The object of the Bite Wars is to Turn as many people as possible into your original Species. My Designated species is Vampire. That means I have to try and change as many Lycans as possible into Vampires. I have to Hunt people on the Game who are Lycan and then Bite them to change them to Vampire. Every Lycan I change adds to my score and the total score for Vampires.

If I turn a Lycan then it shows on their profile Turned Vampire in a new spot. This does not affect their player type as they choose it. Once they are TURNED Vampire a Lycan can then come along and Bite Them to Turn them Lycan. That lycan will then get a point for themselves and their team. See how this goes?

THERE IS A CATCH THIS YEAR, however. Species have teamed up! Hybrids are teamed up with Zombies. Lycans are working with Hunters. Vampires are flying solo.

You need 50% of your max Cunning, Energy and Will to bite and turn someone successfully. You can attempt a bite at 25% each, but there is a chance that you will be unsuccessful and the tables may turn on you and you may be turned the opposite species. Even if you are "Turned" another species you are always biting from your Designated chosen species and that has been locked at the start of this event.

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October 23 2018 6:08:34 pm

Halloween Forum Competitions

The House Banner Competition thread and the Pumpkin Decorating thread have been posted in the forums. Both competitions end midnight on the 31st. N

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September 18 2018 12:01:02 am

Perseus Quest

Immortals. Please accept my apology for the delay. I previously mentioned a quest related the Perseus event we had last month. Believe it or not, it is finally ready. Sorry for taking so long, but it turns out that making quests is not the strong suit of myself and Secundus Fortunae. We did our best, and things were compounded by a busy schedule over in my world. But enough already. The quest is finally ready. It can be found on the Explore page. Good luck and enjoy. Nikita

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August 11 2018 12:02:47 am

Perseid Meteor Shower

This month we have a special event designed and created by Secundus Fortunae [1127382] over on Immortal Night! We are going to celebrate the Perseid meteor shower! This year, the meteor shower will peak in the Northern Hemisphere August 12th-13th but will also be visible the night of August 11th-12th. First off, we have a Donator Pack called the Legend of Perseus Pack, which celebrates Perseus, the greek mythological figure for which the meteor shower is named. It has Two Usable collectibles inside and a pretty unique donator icon. Nikita's Nook will be open as well, between the 11th and 13th (New York), selling Perseus themed goodies. Enjoy!

P.S. Secundus also detailed an amazing quest for players to participate in. Unfortunately, the design process took longer than anticipated and unfortunately I haven't even begun to program it into the game. You would be surprised how much thought and effort goes into even a simple quest. Furthermore, I have other commitments that are going to make me super busy the next 7-14 days. Just being honest, hope that's okay. That said, in whatever free time I can find, I will work on making the quest a reality as quickly as I can. It will be announced as soon as I have it completed. Nikita.

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June 28 2018 12:14:22 am

Immortal Day Summer War & More

As part of our Anniversary Celebration, we are going to have a two team War called Immortal Day Summer War! The war will take place on Saturday and requires participants to signup in advance. For more information look for the link on the explore page. Please resist signing up unless you plan to participate. Thank you.

Additionally, for the next two days the Carnival Prize Center will have a special Prize: An Emoji Pillow Collectible. Special Event carnival points must be earned this Thursday and Friday if you wish to get your hands on one (or more) of these collectible items. These points can be obtained from Balloon Darts, Blood Bingo, and the Penny Falls Machine. You only have two days so get to it!


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June 23 2018 3:58:50 pm

Anniversary Event

Our first event for the Anniversary Celebration will take place tomorrow. I am announcing it early for once, imagine that! Starting at Midnight, ALL players can rob NPCs. Specifically ID's #4 through #18. Their cash balances will grow on regular intervals throughout the day, and in some cases, they will bank all their money. The goal of this contest is to steal as much money from NPCs as you can. Several things to note. A) This money will not affect your achievements B) This money will not be added to your account, is for the contest only. C) A Hall of Fame will be posted showing the highest scores. D) The use of Wolf Venom will be restricted for today. Just to keep things interesting, I am not going to pre-announce what that limit is.

Good Luck! Nikita.

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June 23 2018 12:01:58 am

Immortal Day Anniversary

Immortals! I am very sorry for the delay, but I am finally releasing Immortal Day 4th Anniversary Donator Packs. They are now for sale in the donator section and are available through Monday. As most of you know, specialty donator packs usually come with special events. Fear not, they are on their way. I have a few things planned including a War to take place next weekend. I did manage to get one thing ready sooner than expected. Nikita's Nook will be open in Las Vegas within the next hour. Keep an eye on the Swap Meet Forum for it to be announced. Nikita

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