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July 9 2015 12:43:13 pm


Did you know there is a Community Builder Achievement? This cool badge gets displayed on your profile page when you refer at least 5 players who have reached level 10. The first Five people to get the Community Builder Badge will get a special scratch ticket with a chance to win up to 100 personal Donator Tokens! All contenders will be reviewed closely to ensure no cheating has taken place.

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July 5 2015 5:15:23 pm

Water Balloon Fight Results

The Results Are In!

The Vampires proved victorious in this epic Water Balloon Fight! Congratulations to the Vampires for putting in an amazing effort!

How did everyone else do? Pretty damn great!
The Hybrids came in second with the Lycans nipping at their heels in third. With the Hunters in fourth and the Zombies in fifth. The Zombies had the smallest number of participants, but nearly everyone on their team gave it their all and it was a fantastic effort!!

Thank you to all who participated and spent part of your holiday celebrations with us! Additional prizes and the trophies will be handed out as the holiday weekend allows, so patience please. If you want a peek at the trophy, it is up on the Facebook page. This was a great war and we hope you all had fun with it and had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

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July 5 2015 12:00:56 am

July 4th

The Species Water Balloon Fight is now over! We know you are all eager to find out who won, but we wont have the finalized numbers until later. Please be patient and we will let you know. It was a great war and the numbers were very close! The raffle winners have also been drawn, so check out the Raffle Center on the Explore page to see the lucky chosen. We hope you all had a very safe and happy July 4th!

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July 4 2015 8:21:26 pm

War Update

They Hybrids and Lycans and neck and neck right behind the Vampires. Keep the pressure on!!! Now is the time to ramp it up Zombies and is still anyones game!

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July 4 2015 3:42:14 pm

War Update

Have another war update for you. The Vampires continue to lead the battle, and the Hybrids are HOT on their tail. But dont give up Lycans. Hunters, and Zombies, the evening hours always get intense.

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July 4 2015 10:19:29 am

Species War Update

Hello Again Immortals. We wanted to give a brief shout-out to the Vampires who are currently in the lead for todays July 4th Species War. As always, due to the different numbers of each species here on ID, our species events are handicaped, so all five species have a real shot to win. But so far in the war, the Vampires are really stepping up the most. Good luck to everyone and happy July 4th.

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July 4 2015 12:09:57 am

July th Celebration!

Happy July 4th Immortals!

It is the American Immortals Independence Day celebration, but all are invited to take part in todays activities.

We have a Raffle with 20 prize places open in the Raffle Center on the Explore Page. Its chock full of Donator Items, so you wont want to miss out on getting tickets for that. Tickets are $100K each and you can purchase up to 40 tickets to increase your chances of winning! The Raffle will only be open today, with the winners drawing happening at midnight, so dont wait!

The main event is a Water Balloon Species War! Players will have to find Deflated Balloons throughout the game. Once you find them you have to fill your balloons at The Water Fountain on the Explore page! Once those Water Balloons are filled you can fire them away at your opponents!

You can only fill 4 Water Balloons at a time, so fire them as you fill them. If you get a successful hit with your Water Balloon one of two things will happen; the balloon will hit them without breaking for 2 points or it will hit them and break for 3 points!

There is a sneaky third option that can occur and that is that when you go to throw your balloon it breaks and soaks you instead. When that happens a point is deducted from your teams score.

There are no sign ups necessary for this war and the Top 10 Balloon Throwers will get an additional prize! This is also a blind score war, which means you will not see running totals of the war while its on. This is to prevent Water Balloon hoarding. Once again, throw em if you got em and lets get this Water Balloon fight on!

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June 30 2015 11:39:33 am

House Wars

Just a reminder that house wars can resume at 4pm game time today. But I am not here just to remind you. Our attack programming is complicated, and a lot of war rules have been changed. In addition, despite attempts to do so, it is VERY difficult to test wars myself, or even with Violet, as there is an infinite amount of attacker/opponent possibilities during war. As a result, it is extremely likely that there will be bugs that may cause frustration. Be prepared for them, and be prepared to adapt your strategies until they get fixed. Report them in the bugs forum and provide as much detail as possible. Who is attacking who, what is happening to them when doing so, and exactly why it shouldn't be happening that way. The more details that are provided, the more quickly I can fix them.


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June 26 2015 12:01:01 am

First Time Donators

Have you considered donating but have not yet supported the game? There has never been a better time. For the next three days, Immortals who Donate to Immortal Day for the FIRST TIME, will receive Double Tokens (Max 250). Donations go to support the costs of running the game: Advertising, Server Costs, and Game Development. This Bonus is being processed manually, so please be Patient while Nikita gets the bonus tokens to you.

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June 23 2015 7:16:06 pm

House Wars

House Wars are currently Disabled! They will remain disabled for 1 Week. Wars will Re-Open on June 30th, 4PM. This period will allow houses to prepare and for Nikita to update the game programming without interfering. At this time, there will be a new set of War Rules, based on discussions had in the Suggestion Forum. For more Information, See Nikita's thread in the House Forum.

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